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A Quick Guide to Unicharm
(Chapter 3: Unicharm’s objectives)

Unicharm’s objectives

Medium-term Management Plan to support sustained growth

In 2016 we formulated our 10th Medium-term Management Plan, which is designed to drive rapid growth by accelerating the globalization of our business. Under the plan, we aim to create a cohesive society and help solve issues faced by society while targeting consolidated net sales of ¥800 billion, average annual sales growth of 7%, a core operating income margin of 15% and ROE of 15%.

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Maintaining our policy of paying stable returns to shareholders

As part of our Beliefs and Pledges and Corporate Principles of Action, which form the Unicharm Group’s Action Guidelines, we have made a clear commitment to shareholders to operate the business in a way that meets their expectations for growth and delivers industry-leading returns to shareholders. Our basic policy on shareholder returns, which is anchored by the Action Guidelines, emphasizes two key points: the need to invest in our business to support growth over the medium to long term, and paying stable dividends to shareholders. As a result of that policy, we have raised the dividend for 18 consecutive fiscal years through to fiscal 2019, ended December 31, 2019.

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Creating a brand that is trusted around the world

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Guided by our corporate slogan, NOLA & DOLA, we have been working to make life more comfortable for people worldwide. Looking back over the years since Unicharm was founded in 1961, we have achieved a measure of success in eliminating some of the issues people face in their lives every day – discomfort, inconvenience and unsanitary conditions – as expressed by the NOLA part of our slogan. However, we have really only just begun to address DOLA – supplying products and services that give our customers greater enjoyment and pleasure. As IT becomes more advanced and consumers’ buying habits become more diverse, digital technology will play a vital role in helping us accurately respond to the needs of customers. Instead of relying on our gut feelings or past experience, we will analyze buying history to visualize shopping habits and tailor marketing strategies to individual needs. Through that process, we aim to make Unicharm a trusted brand around the world. Going forward, we will continue to provide world-first and world-leading products and services and deliver comfort, impression and satisfaction, aiming to create a cohesive society where people everywhere lead independent lives and support each other.

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