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Thoughts on the Charm Ring

Our Corporate Mark - the Charm Ring

Our corporate mark, the Charm Ring, was created as a new symbol to commemorate Unicharm Corporation's 40th anniversary.


It consists of two forms within a ring.


The design signifies a warm relationship based on trust between the one who is supported and the one who is supporting them.
Examples include a mother and her baby, a caregiver and the person being cared for, and an owner and their pet.


The mark represents the corporate image that Unicharm is striving for, to embrace customers tenderly and support them in maintaining healthy, comfortable lives.


The three colors of the Charm Ring also have important meanings:
Yellow represents the energy and brightness of daily life
Orange represents the warmth and power of life
Blue represents the technology and trust to offer science for daily life


We want everyone to feel the strength found in tenderness, irrespective of generation or gender.


The Charm Ring represents all the thoughts and feelings above.

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