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Young Chinese women are becoming more environmentally conscious, increasingly choosing brands and companies that are socially responsible. They like products that allow them to express themselves. Sofy is making its first move as an industry leader by

offering samples of reduced-plastic feminine products. In doing so, the company hopes to reach more consumers while positioning itself as a progressive leader in corporate responsibility.

UCC Taipei celebrated Plastic-free Bento Day on April 22, with 67 employees minimizing plastic waste from store-bought lunches.

The company also participated in a three-month walking campaign between April and June of this year, planting trees by the seaside based on their accumulated steps to reduce CO2 and help protect the environment.

SOFY is running a brand campaign to promote the positive image of its eco-friendly unbleached pantyliners in conjunction with environmental

protection and consumer participation events. The company is also teaming up with the city of Gumi, where its LGUC production site is located, participating in World Environment Day events to boost its environmental reputation and support the local community.

A Unichram Group first! Products made with bio-materials launched in three categories at once!

Media conference announcement scheduled for June 4.


Feminine Care products (4 SKUs)

Cooling Fresh 23 cm, Cooling Fresh 29 cm, Charm Daun Sirih 23 cm, Charm Daun Sirih 29 cm


Baby Care product

MamyPoko Royal Soft Tape NB


Personal wipes

Kirey Wipes Antibacterial

On World Enviroment Day, Unicharm invited the press and key opinion leaders to learn about the company’s purpose, mission, vision, and values as well as the innovative green products it has developed for release. The products are designed to bring joy to people and communities while improving quality of life.

Limited-edition Diana For Nature pantyliners were released for World Environment Day on June 5.

These sanitary napkins feature paper packaging and 56% less plastic, with unbleached fibers that are gentler on the skin. Diana Unicharm participated in the first SpoGomi World Cup qualifiers in Vietnam in FY2023. The company also hopes to encourage all of its

employees to get involved in activities to support the UN SDGs.

In 2023 Dengue fever cases in Malaysia increased 1.5 times more than previous year.

In response to this , MamyPoko Against Dengue campaign was launched and distributed

1,500 packs of MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants to needy parent with babies in five high-risk dengue areas. Additionally, clean-up activities together with the community. was

implemented to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.

In Dengue week June 2024, MamyPoko Against Dengue Campaign Part 2 will be activated to create awareness on Dengue fever risk to babies.

To celebrate World Environment Day in June, Unicharm Philippines released “Natural” unbleached tissues that make use of biomass materials to reduce virgin,

petroleum-based plastic. The company plans to make announcements on social media.

Unicharm India is taking the lead to comply with India’s new requirement for 10% recycled content in plastic bags six months ahead of schedule! (Note:

in-house manufactured products only)

In coordination with the Jagriti Project, CSR representatives are visiting schools to promote proper menstrual education, environmentalism, SDG awareness, and Unicharm’s efforts. The social responsibility project is designed to promote legal compliance, environmental protection, and education for the next generation.

Unicharm Australiasia participated in the nationwide Clean Up Australia Day event. Last year they picked up trash in a park near their offices, helping to reduce human impact on local ecosystems.

This year, they did a beach pickup effort to help reduce ocean pollution, ending up with six large trash bags full of waste.

Americans are more familiar with Earth Day on April 22 than they are with World Environment Day on June 5, so Hartz chose the popular holiday as a focus for its environmental initiatives. This year, the company released the Hartz Sustainable Commitment (its environmental policy) and described its environmental

initiatives over the past several years on a new website released April 22. Hartz sales teams are also actively communicating this information to their retail outlets

while posting about its efforts to cat and dog owners on social media.

Earth Day initiatives

Environmental education events at SENAI University! SENAI students will be invited to Unicharm to learn about the company and its environmental initiatives, including the

reusable petsheet and plastic in its disposable diapers. The company also hopes to tell them about the disposable diaper recycling technology it uses in Japan, along with its plans to donate garbage cans made from disposable diaper waste.

Production plant initiatives The week of June 10 is the Week of Occupational Accident

Prevention and Environment (SIPATMA) in Brazil, and the themes at Unicharm Brazil are the significant impacts of electricity, waste, and CO2 on the environment. On June 18, the

company will host an environmental café like they did last year, where people can exchange their ideas and views on environmental issues.

[Other efforts]

RCR, the company that processes Unicharm’s waste,

presented the company with a gift of flower and tree


Unicharm is also holding an exhibition of processed products

made from waste it has generated.