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We’re building
a more sustainable world
with these three key concepts of

choose,use, andcirculate.

Why? We want to bring
comfort to
the earth and everyone on it.

For the world of menstruation, childcare, nursing care,
and living with pets that we have faced so far.
We’ve always eagerly listened to our customers,
striving to bring more comfort and ease to their daily lives.
Now, we’re taking bold steps to bring comfort to the earth as well.

Of course, this is no easy task.
How can we make things better for our planet
without compromising the ease and comfort of our users?
Because we make products that bring joy,
our solutions have to go beyond data-driven improvements or theoretical reforms.
They also have to bring that special charm that everyone loves.
We are thinking of moving forward into the future
while worrying together with everyone who uses are products.

That’s how we came up with our three key concepts.
We choose low-carbon packaging for everyday products, for example.
We reduce waste by using layered pads in our disposable diapers.
And we circulate and circulate materials collected from used diapers to make our RefF products, challenging the idea that “disposable” means “wasteful”.
Note: Not all disposable diapers can be collected for our RefF products

The result? A more comfortable life for you and for our planet.
Our sustainability starts with what we know.

Whychoose,use, andcirculate?

We want to do our part for a healthier planet!

In order to strive to contribute to the realization of the “Cohesive Society”,

we will make efforts in finding solutions to environmental and social challenges.

Underlying our three core commitments to healthier people, healthier communities,

and a healthier planet for the realization of the Cohesive Society are the Unicharm Principles.

Our new site goes into detail about our efforts to support the health of the earth.

In 2020, the Japanese government announced its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Carbon neutrality means offsetting the production of CO2 and other greenhouse gases
with capture strategies like tree-planting and forest management to arrive at net zero emissions.

Unicharm is supporting
the government’s efforts
to heal the planet with a new vision.

Vision 2050 for zero CO2

Vision 2050 roadmap

Our interim 2030 environmental targets(announced in 2020)to achieving Vision 2050 and2030 results(reference year: 2016)

*The targets and results mentioned above are set on a per unit of sales basis.

For items that have achieved their goals, we have set even higher targets and continue to promote them as of 2024.

Description of activities

We can’t reach carbon zero without the help of our suppliers and customers!
That’s why we’re promoting CO2 reduction efforts across all of our procurement,
production, distribution,and sales processes with [A] ‒ [D] as themes.

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We’ll simply send out gift cards to the winners!