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Business Operations

As a company that supports a healthy mind and body in all people

We want everyone to live a healthy, happy life from the day they come into the world.
To achieve our dream, we offer products and services for all generations using technologies we have developed in the areas of non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials.
Currently, we aspire to bolster customer satisfaction through the development of high quality products and marketing activities across five business segments : wellness care, pet care, feminine care, baby and child care, kirei care.

Wellness Care

Japan is a highly aged society. The aging population is expected to continue increasing as baby boomers become seniors. The Cabinet Office's Annual Report on Aging Society also recognizes that "it is essential to achieve a society that allow the seniors themselves to become more active participants through using their abilities and experience as supporters of aging society." In this environment, Unicharm offers the Lifree brand of products that are tailored to the user's physical condition with the aim of providing the elderly with independence, dignity and freedom in their incontinence care, an important aspect of their daily lives.


The key to effective incontinence care is to select the products most suitable for the physical condition and daily routine of the user, and use them in combination. The Lifree brand offers a variety of products ranging from napkin-type incontinence pads to pants-type diapers (outer), tape-type diapers (outer), pants-type specialized urine pads (inner) and tape-type specialized urine pads (inner). The most beneficial combination is recommended for use.


Female incontinence is not limited to senior citizens, but can occur in any woman as a result of aging or childbirth. In view of female incontinence being a natural physiological phenomenon, the Charm Nap series provide specialized liners for incontinence care to comfortably manage involuntary urination in the same way as sanitary products. In addition, Urinary Incontinence Care Navi, a dedicated web site, provides information such as a self-check and exercises for those who suffer from incontinence and helps raise awareness of slight incontinence. In "Continence-Care Navi", our dedicated site, wisdom and idea about nice and pleasant excretion-care are introduced for the benefit of elderly who need nursing-care and those who provide cares.


Moreover, with the increasing number of pollen allergy sufferers in recent years, we have commercialized the Chorittai Mask products. These are three-dimensional nonwoven fabric masks created by leveraging the technologies that we have developed in medical masks for professional use. The brand offers two ranges-one for pollen allergies and the other for colds-and is equipped with the necessary functions for those who have a pollen allergy or a cold, respectively. The user can also select the best fit by choosing one of three sizes.


"Chokaiteki Mask" is a soft & stretchable ear-hook type facial mask made of a real silk-mix material therefore it gives a soft and smooth feeling of fitness and does not hurt your ears even if you use it for extended hours.

Pet Care

In Japan, the number of pets such as dogs and cats has increased amid a falling birthrate and an aging population, and they have become invaluable companions and members of the family. Our consolidated subsidiary Unicharm provides pet care products such as pet foods, excrement cleanup sheets, system toilets and disposable diapers.


Dining is the source of “staying healthy forever & ever” for pet animals. Unicharm offers a series of pet food including “Pet Dog Genki”, “Pet Cat Genki”, “Grand Deli”, “Best Balance”, “Silver Spoon” and “Silver Plate” which all pursue the nutritious balance well suited to the features of each pet such as age, body shape, physical condition or taste. Whereas “AllWell” maintains the health of pets with its 7 functions primarily the mitigation of throw-ups while “Physicalife” is a pet food that promotes to build the lifetime movable healthy body with its nutritious-designed meal which keeps the health of muscles in good condition in the daily walk and play of pets from their growing period through maturity. Moreover, Unicharm is also particular about the quality of taste and material of pet food so that pets willingly take such nutrition.


Demand for pet toiletries continues to grow every year, with pets spending more time indoors and living longer. With our philosophy of providing pets with a healthy, clean and comfortable life, we offer excrement cleanup sheets in the Deo-Sheet series, disposable diapers and "Manner-Wear" which is an apparel-like absorption wear for excretion-care for dogs and the Deo-Sand series, and Deo-Toilet system products for cats.

Feminine Care

People's lifestyles change with the times. Given the increasing trend for women to have prosperous work and private lives, Unicharm scientifically studies mechanisms of women's bodies and minds and offers a wide range of feminine care products including feminine napkins, tampons, sanitary shorts and panty liners. We do this in the hope that our products will free women from the physical and psychological constraints associated with menstruation, vaginal discharge and slight incontinence, thereby helping them to enjoy a comfortable life without the usual restrictions.


The Sofy brand of feminine napkins provides a wide variety of choices to meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of women, with napkins varying in use, thickness, material and length. Users can select the leak-proof napkin most suitable for them and feel as comfortable and secure as always, even during their periods. We have also increased our product lineup since 2006 by adding the Center-In, which is popular among women who demand a fashionable look in napkins.


Although tampons are excellent sanitary products that can be used even while playing sport, swimming or bathing, the use of tampons in Japan is lower than in Europe and the United States, reflecting a sense of insecurity and resistance to use. The Unicharm brand of tampons is sterilized, which is rare globally. We are striving to increase their acceptance in Japan to enable more women to understand and experience the excellence of tampons.


While the menstruating population has decreased in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of users of panty liners, which eliminate discomfort from vaginal discharge and underwear discoloration. The Sofy brand of panty liners provides a variety of options to meet the different preferences of women, such as fragrance-free, fragranced and delicate products. We have also launched a panty liner that takes care of both urine and vaginal discharge and it has been very well received.


Unicharm Sofy Brand also believes it is essential for women to find their best-fit feminine napkin at earliest possible stage so that they can spend their period most comfortable. “Sofy First-Time Body Navi”, a menarche educational site of Unicharm, was opened in 2013 as an information content targeting children, parents and teachers for acquiring the proper knowledge about menstruation and body and it has been well received by a large number of people.

Baby and Child Care

Diapers are used from the day a baby is born. However, a baby’s skin is very delicate. With the aim of helping mothers and babies to enjoy the early years in comfort, Unicharm treats diapers as baby underwear rather than a piece of equipment, and offers products such as disposable diapers and wipes that will appeal to mothers and babies alike.


Unicharm offers a couple of brands of disposable baby diaper, “Moony” and “Mamy Poko”, depending upon the needs of each customer. “Moony” is a specialty type of diaper featuring the quality such as leak-proof, steam-free, friendly-to-skin, etc. and the function best suited to each stage of growth of children while “Natural Moony” is an user-friendly diaper with less skin-irritant as it uses a combination of organic cotton-mixed surface sheet and mild-acidity + additive-free type sheet. “MamyPoko” is a popular character-printed diaper facilitating the full of joy and communication between parents and babies while changing diapers everyday.


Changing the diapers of active babies who are constantly on the move is no easy task. The Moonyman is the world’s first pants-type diaper. It is easy to put on, making it convenient and comfortable and helping improve the childcare experience. The MamyPoko Pants are popular pants-type diapers at a reasonable price, which facilitate the move from tape-type disposable diapers to pants-type products.


Baby Town, a childcare information site we launched in 2000, offers useful information and other services including a points campaign to help mothers experience the happiness and joy of child rearing. This site is currently operated by four companies: Unicharm Corporation, Wakodo Co., Ltd., Senshukai Co., Ltd. and Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. It operates as an integrated child-rearing site.

Kirei Care

“Kirei”(nice and clean) of Kirei-Care is an indicative word of desire to get across the cultural aspect unique to Japan such as its beauty of external appearance as well as internal surface and lucid impression to the people in the world including Asia by purposely expressing in English alphabet.


“Silcot” is broadly recognized in its value as a brand of cosmetic cotton and wet wipes. “Silcot Cotton” is a long-run brand which has been regularly used by many people for almost 30 years and, in fact, it is highly valued in the popularity ranking of cosmetic-site. “Silcot Wet Wipes” is available in either box-type or handy-type depending on the lifestyle of each people.


“Moony” brand baby wipes has long been used by a great number of people for cleaning the hand, mouth or hip of babies even immediately after they started to eat weaning food as it is made of Cashmere-touch soft and reliable material.


Home care products, including Wave cleaning sheets, collect dust and dirt from hard-to-clean spaces and grooves and easily clean every corner of a room. Wave products are best suited to those who are active and busy, and who want to enhance their jobs, housework and private lives. The technology used by the Wave brand products to form three-dimensional shapes from an nonwoven sheet has now been adopted in many countries throughout the world.


Kitchen care product Cook Up is a convenient paper towel that can be used not only as kitchen paper, but also as a disposable dishcloth, since it does not tear even when wet and wrung out. The Cook Up provides comfort, convenience and hygiene with its wide-ranging kitchen uses from cooking to cleanup.

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