Website Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) set forth the conditions for using this website. When using this website, please read these Terms carefully. Please do not use this website if you do not agree to these Terms. 


These Terms apply to all websites operated by our company. However, if any other terms are stipulated with respect to specific websites or services, such terms shall supersede these Terms.

Company Website Content

Copyright and Other Rights

All rights to content such as images, text, videos, sounds, and programs included in this website (hereinafter “content”) are owned by Unicharm Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”), or have been acquired from a third party who has granted a license to the Company. Therefore, website content may not be used, copied, or redistributed without prior permission from the Company. However, website content may be used if it is limited to individual use for non-profit purposes. This does not, however, guarantee that the use of website content does not infringe third party rights.


All rights in relation to trade names, trademarks, and logos found on this website are owned by the Company or a third party who has granted a license to the Company. These trademarks, etc. may not be used without prior permission from the Company. They also may not be used in meta tags or hidden text.

Products Found on this Website

The products offered by the Company vary depending on the country or region. Depending on the country or region of residence, it may not be possible to purchase some products found on this website. Moreover, it may not be possible to purchase products found on this website due to stock shortages or discontinued production. The designs, specifications, release dates, prices, etc. of the products found on this website are subject to change without notice.


The Company does not guarantee that the content found on this website is free from errors, is up-to-date, includes necessary information without any omissions, is not misleading, or that it conforms to your needs, etc. Moreover, the URL of this website and the content found on it are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Handling of Links

Links from this website

This website contains links to third parties’ websites (hereinafter “linked websites”). Such links must not be construed as the Company’s warranty of any kind or recommendation of the content, products, services, etc. of the linked websites. The Company will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the use of said linked websites.

Links to this Website

Links to this website are freely allowed. However, the following kinds of links are not allowed: 

  • Links from websites deemed likely to violate laws and regulations, etc., websites contrary to the public order and morality, and other websites deemed likely to damage the Company’s brand image and corporate image; 
  • Linking in a manner, such as linking from an inline frame, that obscures the fact that content belongs to the Company; 
  • Linking in a manner that is deemed likely to mislead other users into believing that the Company provides a warranty of some kind or makes recommendations with respect to the operators of linking websites or with respect to the content, products, services, etc. of linking websites; and 
  • Other links that the Company finds to be inappropriate.

Your Contributions

Notes Regarding Contributions

When contributing content such as photos and comments on this website, you must make sure to contribute content for which you hold the copyright and other rights required for contributions.    Please make sure to contribute content that does not infringe on any third party’s privacy, trade secrets, portrait rights, etc. 

Rights Relating to Contributed Content

Copyrights relating to content that you contribute remain the same as before and belong to you or to a third party to whom they have granted copyrights. However, as a result of contributing content, you grant the Company or the Company’s group companies the right to freely use (including usage through alteration and translation) the content whether domestically or overseas, or irrespective of media or the method of use. Moreover, you will not exercise the moral rights of author with respect to the contributed content.

Display of Contributed Content on this Website

Content that is contributed to this website and content that is contributed on SNS may be displayed on this website. The Company reserves the right to decide whether or not to display contributed content or to delete already displayed content upon screening from a legal viewpoint, business viewpoint, or other viewpoints the Company finds appropriate. However, the Company is unable to screen all content. The Company will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the use of such content.

Provided Information and Suggestions from You

Any information including questions, suggestions, and contributions that you submit to this website will be handled as non-confidential information. Moreover, the Company will freely use such information without paying compensation, etc. to you. 


Please read the Unicharm Group Privacy Policy with respect to the handling of your information on this website. Please note that the handling of your information obtained in relation to this website may be entrusted to a third party in a foreign country such as a service provider in a foreign country.  

Social Media

Please read the Official Account Community Guideline with respect to the policy and the terms of service for official accounts on social media that the Company operates and manages.

Provision of Service

Security and Data Backup

The Company makes efforts to ensure the security of this website. However, please understand that the Company is unable to fully prevent security-related issues such as the leakage or falsification of information due to computer viruses or unauthorized access. You are responsible for saving a backup copy of their data.

Interruption, Temporary Suspension, Change, and Termination of Service

The Company does not guarantee that this website will be free from the interruption of its functions or the occurrence of errors. Even in the event of the occurrence of any issues, the Company is not obligated to solve such issues by performing updates, etc. 


In the case of periodic or extraordinary maintenance, or if the Company otherwise finds it necessary, the Company may temporarily suspend the operation of this website. If the Company finds it to be necessary, the Company is entitled to change all or some of the services provided via this website or to terminate the operation of this website. 

Prohibited Acts

Please do not engage in the following acts when using this website: 

  1. Acts in violation of these Terms, the laws and regulations, etc. of Japan, and other applicable laws and regulations, etc. of other countries;   
  2. Acts of infringement of intellectual property rights, privacy, or other rights and interests of the Company or any third party;
  3. Acts of contributing content that is obscene, false, slanderous, or otherwise causes trouble or disadvantages to others, or which is contrary to the public order and morality;
  4. Acts of using this website for profit-making purposes or business purposes; 
  5. Acts of discrediting the Company or this website;
  6. Acts of unlawfully accessing the servers relating to this website;
  7. Acts of unlawfully obtaining the Company's confidential information or a third party’s personal information, etc.;
  8. Acts of impersonating a third party or the Company by unlawfully using a third party's email address, ID, or password, etc.;
  9. Acts deemed likely to hinder the operation of this website by putting excessive load on the servers or the network of this website; 
  10. Acts of using or providing harmful programs including computer viruses, acts of taking advantage of bugs in this website, or acts of utilizing external tools that bring normally unexpected effects (BOTs, cheat tools, etc.);
  11. Acts of giving benefit to antisocial forces, etc.;
  12. Acts of making preparations for, providing assistance for, or promoting the acts listed in the preceding items; and 
  13. Other acts that the Company finds to be inappropriate.


The Company does not, unless expressly provided herein, make any implied warranties. The Company assumes no liability for any damage suffered by you or by a third party arising from the use of, or the disabling of, this website by you or by a third party, or the existence of security-related or other issues with this website, unless such damage is caused by the Company's intentional act or negligence. Unless such damage is caused by the Company’s intentional act or gross negligence, the scope of the Company’s liability shall be limited to damage that directly, ordinarily, and actually has occurred.


Any disputes arising between you and a third party in relation to this website must be settled at the your own expense and on the your own responsibility. In the event that the Company suffers damage arising from a your act of violation of these Terms, the Company may ask you to compensate it for the damage.

Notifications and Inquiries

The Company displays notifications to you on this website in relation to these Terms and this website. However, if the Company finds it appropriate, the Company is entitled to notify you by another method.

For any inquiries to the Company in relation to these Terms and this website, please see here.

Revisions to these Terms

These Terms may be revised at any time as needed. Please refer to the updated version of these Terms when using this website. If any revision to these Terms significantly affects you, the Company will establish a period of advance notification.

Non-Waiver of Rights

The Company’s failure to exercise the rights granted under these Terms or laws and regulations, etc. shall in no way be construed as a waiver of such rights.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan with respect to the interpretation and application thereof. The Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of or in relation to these Terms or this website.

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