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Key Topics:Unicharm Principles

Our basic approach and strategy

Unicharm will strive for appropriate collaboration with its stakeholders and aim to be a fair and highly transparent company that is well-regarded and trusted by society. We believe that doing so in an effort to achieve sustainable growth and creation of corporate value over the medium- to long-term will lead to “sound corporate management” through the “pursuit of proper management which collectively accomplishes corporate growth and development, associates' well-being and fulfillment of social responsibilities” as stated in our corporate ideals. In addition, we aim to create an environment in which happiness for each employee can be made a reality through the promotion of diversity management and human resource development.

For promoting diversity management

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

Overcoming these issues in each country and region so that women can participate more actively in society is important not only from the perspective of achieving a gender equal society but also of eliminating poverty and supporting regional economic development. Utilizing the know-how that we have accumulated in our business activities, we are pursuing various awareness-raising activities and the creation of working opportunities while expanding products and services suited to each country and region's characteristics with the aim of helping women all over the world enjoy more fulfilling lives.

Status of activities

【Saudi Arabia】Expanding employment of women

In the past, for cultural and religious reasons, women in Saudi Arabia were not permitted to be in the same room with, or speak to, men from outside their own family and there were many restrictions on women's activities including those in their workplace. Amid this situation, with the aim of providing women with employment opportunities while still respecting local cultural traditions, in May 2012, Unicharm established a women-only factory in Saudi Arabia. In recent years, women in Saudi Arabia have made rapid progress in their social advancement, but challenges still remain. Unicharm has sought to create an environment that is most desirable for women working there. The plant features a day-care center, cafeteria and rest area and there is also a production line optimized for people with disabilities. Opportunities for women to fulfill their full potential are currently making solid advancements outside the factory as well. Since 2018, we have been hiring women as promoters, field marketers and product development staff who engage in product explanations at retailers.

On March 8, 2020, International Women’s Day, we were selected as one of the organizations in Saudi Arabia that actively advocates for and promotes the development of women’s roles and female employees being active were broadcasted in local media. The broadcast explained how the active participation of women in society can contribute not only to achieving goals for the women themselves and their families but also to the economic and social development of Saudi Arabia and that the country is rapidly changing into such a society.

【Japan】Further enhancing efforts to promote the active participation of women

In 1963, the third year after our founding, we began manufacturing and selling sanitary napkins out of a strong desire to “eliminate the anxiety and dissatisfaction that women feel in their lives”. Since then, as a company that comprehensively supports the lifestyle by utilizing the technology we cultivated in the sanitary napkin business, we expanded our business that turns “discomfort” into “comfort” at all life stages, from infancy to old age and even for partner animals(pets).

We established a “child-care leave system” and “reduced work-hour system” for female employees before such systems were stipulated by law and we currently have implemented “flextime system in which employees can choose their work hours regardless of the core working hours” as well as a “remote-work system”. These systems help expand opportunities for female employees’ active participation in the workplace. In addition, we support the aim of the Women’s Empowerment Principles, sign statements to act on these principles, promote diversity initiatives and aim to increase the proportion of women among our corporate executives. Through our membership in “30% Club Japan,” we are enhancing our efforts to promote the active participation of women throughout the Group.

Developing resonant personnel ~ A development program based on “The Unicharm Way” ~

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

For Unicharm whose businesses are really SDGs in themselves, it is important to provide employees with opportunities for growth through their daily business activities. We work to create an environment and system in which we respect the humanity of each employee, awaken their hidden potential and develop them to be the “resonant personnel” who can contribute to the “realization of cohesive society” through their daily activities. Currently, the approximately 16,700 employees working at our company are active in more than 80 countries and regions. The importance of sharing our unique “perspectives, way of thinking and way of acting” has increased while respecting the local culture and customs.

In February 2021, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our founding. The number of people who experienced what it was like at the start-up our business in each country and region, let alone the founding period of the company, is decreasing year by year. We believe it is necessary to evolve the style of HR development in a way that can gain a sympathetic attitude from the members in the millennial and Z generations who will be the torchbearers in the future while maintaining the spirits of simplicity & fortitude and freedom & generosity that we have had since our founding.

Status of activities

We are promoting the development of “resonant personnel” by practicing the unified management model, “Management with Resonance,” by all employees. The following three initiatives in particular have significant features.

(1) Objectives, Goals, Issues, Strategies, Measures, Action plan (OGISM (A)) table A strategic framework consolidated into a single table is used to formulate a plan which consists of Targets to be achieved within the period (Objectives) → Numerical goals → Issues → Strategies → Judgment criteria(Measures) → Action Plan.
(2) Observe, Orienting, Decision, Action(OODA) Loop method Consolidates the OGISM(A) table planning method into a list on a weekly rotation with the structure Observe → Orient → Decide → Act.
(3) The Unicharm Way Includes 10 components such as “Unicharm Terminology” that summarizes our “perspectives, ways of thinking and ways of acting” and others. It has been translated into each country’s language and is used by all employees. It was turned into an app in February 2021.

We are striving to enhance our capabilities through high-quality and standardized OJT centered on the aforementioned three pillars.

In addition, as a human resources development program under the direct control of the president, we have implemented the “Strategy Secretary to CEO” system(which gives employees who have been with the company for about 10 years the opportunity to experience working as the president’s secretary for two months), “Global 15 Project”(an educational curriculum for department managers) and the “executive training camp”(a training camp in which medium-term management plan is discussed under the non-ordinary circumstances) among others.

“Unicharm-way Work-Style Reform” = “Reforming job satisfaction”

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

We believe that development of human resources is indispensable to providing products and services that bring about a cohesive society in which all consumers, from newborn infants to the elderly, can spend their lives in the way they so wish forever and ever. We strive to create an environment where employees can feel rewarded by supporting their growth while staying by the side of each and every employee.

Status of activities

We believe that the development of each and every employee will lead to the development of the organization and company and contribute to society. We have put in place systems such as remote work, an “interval system” for periods between work, a side business system and annual leave by the hour so that the “way people pursue their life becomes their own work style” and allows them to develop “themselves” to the fullest and shine as a parent, partner, employee, supervisor, subordinate, child and member of the community and society. In 2020, with the aim of accelerating the independent “work style” and improving the “motivation” of employees as we “co-exist with COVID-19,” we have also decided to do away with the core time system to increase choice in working hours and locations while increasing the frequency of remote work. We will create an environment where employees can discover the environment in which they can grow best and most and make use of their work time most valuably as a part of their lives.

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