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Key Initiatives:
Safeguarding the well-being of individuals

Our aim is to provide products and services that contribute to the realization of a society where all people can have a sense of individuality and enjoy their daily lives.

Our Basic Approach and Strategy

“NOLA & DOLA” (Necessity of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities), our corporate philosophy, is filled with our hope that “Unicharm aims to provide all people, from newborns to the elderly, with products and services that provide mental and physical support through gentle care so that they may be free of their burdens and can fulfill their dreams.” We aim to develop products and services that contribute to the realization of a society in which each and every person throughout the world can have a sense of individuality at various stages of their lives and enjoy their day-to-day living.

2022 Results

Our aim to develop products and services that contribute to the realization of a society where each individual can have a sense of individuality and enjoy their daily lives represents an internal standard to which everyone at Unicharm must strictly conform. At the product development phase, we establish a range of stage gates at which rigorous tests are performed to confirm whether the products can be forwarded to the next stage of development. Only those products that fulfill these stage-gate criteria are put on the market. It is important that, by continuing to take advantage of this system, we remain fully committed to providing products and services that contribute to safeguarding the well-being of individuals in the years ahead.

In terms of our key initiatives for safeguarding the well-being of individuals, in 2022 we introduced our new Lifree Easy-to-Walk-in Slim Diapers, which offers additional convenience and comfort for day-today walking, as a part of our efforts to extend healthy life expectancy and improve quality of life (QOL). As for our other key initiatives, as a means to provide support for a society where gender and sexual orientation do not restrict people’s activities, we continued to offer corporate training programs and education on menarche and menstruation with a view to realizing a society where women can live their lives in the way they so wish. In terms of coexistence with partner animals (pets), we launched the GO WITH YOUR DOG Project, aiming to realize a society where partner animals (pets) and their owners can enjoy outings together as comfortably as possible. With respect to improvement of childcare, we introduced new mosquito-repellent products, helping to ensure healthy lifestyles for babies and the rest of their family. To improve public hygiene, we released new masks and wet wipes that reflect their diverse uses and needs, as a way of contributing to clean and comfortable environments.

Extension of Healthy Life Expectancy and Improvement of QOL

Background of Initiatives

As the percentage of the population aged 65 and over continues to increase year by year across the globe, Japan has become the world’s largest super-aging society. Improvements in medicine have enabled people to live longer lives on average while spurring greater interest in “healthy life expectancy”—the length of time for which people are able to live on their own without limitations due to health issues. Regardless of age, everyone wants to be able to lead an enriched social life in the way they so wish.

Unicharm offers products and services that provide care and support for various aging-related issues. By ensuring that people can lead active lives, no matter their age, through the appropriate use of such products, we will remain committed to extending healthy life expectancy.

Key Initiatives / Case Studies

Lifree Easy-to-Walk-in Slim Diapers (Japan)

To enable users to walk more easily while wearing diapers, Unicharm released Lifree Walking Assist Diapers, a product that has gained the support of many customers since its debut in 2020. A customer survey was conducted, which found that those who used the product on a daily basis maintained higher levels of motivation for life and activities of daily living (ADL) compared with those who used it only when going out. In light of this result, the product was relaunched in April 2022 as Lifree Easy-to-Walk-in Slim Diapers, to underscore the product’s greatest feature of enabling users to walk easily so that it is used more frequently on a daily basis. To ensure that it can be used regularly without any discomfort, Lifree Easy-to-Walk-in Slim Diapers was designed with a “pelvic support fit” structure, which alleviates the physical burden on legs and hips, while offering the feel of slim, soft, elastic, and breathable ordinary cloth underwear and allowing the legs to move forwards freely as the absorbent material adjusts in accordance with the movement of the legs.

「骨盤サポートフィットⓇ」で腰まわりをサポート 「骨盤サポートフィットⓇ」で腰まわりをサポート

“Pelvic support fit” structure: Supports the hips and surrounding area

Support for a Society Where Gender and Sexual Orientation Do Not Restrict People’s Activities

Background of Initiatives

Overcoming the challenges faced by various countries and regions and having women play an active role in society will not only lead to the achievement of gender equality but also eliminate poverty and stimulate regional economic development. Acknowledging this fact, at Unicharm, we promote awareness-raising activities and projects aimed at realizing a society where women are able to live their lives in the way they so wish, while providing products and services tailored to the local characteristics of each country and region by utilizing the know-how of our business activities that have been accumulated over the years. In so doing, we will help create a society where women throughout the world can shine.

Key Initiatives / Case Studies

#NoBagForMe Project (Japan)

The #NoBagForMe Project was introduced in June 2019 with the aim of realizing a society that enables as many women as possible to understand and make the right choices when it comes to menstruation care and to live their lives in the way they so wish.

In 2020, a corporate training program called “Education on menstruation for everyone” was developed to promote mutual understanding between the varying perspectives within the Company stemming from differences in gender and physical characteristics and conditions, by instilling proper awareness of the mechanisms of menstruation and women’s health.

Meanwhile, in 2022 in addition to providing videos of the lectures, we introduced an instructor dispatch plan that was restructured so that it could be arranged to cover discussion themes tailored to the needs of participating companies and organizations. The training program and video content were provided to 158 companies and organizations in 2022.

Furthermore, in August 2022 Unicharm held the “Education on menstruation for everyone” program for around 50 junior and senior high school students who are members of the junior squad of FC Imabari, a J3 League professional soccer team in Japan, with which Unicharm has signed a top partner agreement. The training program was also held for approximately 250 members of Unicharm’s management team in September 2022.

“Education on menstruation for everyone” for members of FC Imabari “Education on menstruation for everyone” for members of FC Imabari

“Education on menstruation for everyone” for members of FC Imabari

Education on Menarche and Menstruation (Worldwide)

Unicharm conducts lectures on menarche and menstruation for young women experiencing puberty, primarily in Asia, so that they are able to gain a proper understanding of menstruation and the way in which their bodies function. By extension, we aim to provide reassurance and peace of mind to these young women, even during menstruation, and help them lead healthy lives in the way they so wish. 

In 2013, our local subsidiary in India launched an educational project in cooperation with local non-government agencies (NGOs) to educate students on the mechanisms of and the proper care to managing menstruation. In 2022, lectures on menstruation were provided to students at more than 1,000 schools and universities in the Delhi Metro, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and other areas. Approximately 483,000 students participated in this project over its 10-year period up to 2022.

We have also continued to provide such educational programs in Japan, China, Taiwan–Greater China, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam and promote efforts to raise awareness of menstruation through the information on our corporate website and the supply of educational materials and sanitary pad samples.

Initiatives to Raise Awareness of Menarche and Menstruation Worldwide
Fiscal 2022 Results and Details
India Educational programs on menarche and menstruation (including online lectures) held for approximately 101,000 students (1,200 schools) : picture 1
Educational sessions for both mothers and daughters held for approximately 1,800 mother–daughter pairs (74 times)
Japan Information on menarche provided via First Body Navi website (in Japanese only) : picture 2
Around 180,000 menarche education sets provided in partnership with Nippon Calmic Ltd.
China Sanitary pad samples and printouts for First Body Navi presented to 379 junior high school students in Ningxia
Taiwan–Greater China Information provided via corporate website of local subsidiary
9,250 sets of sanitary pad samples provided in cooperation with lingerie brand Been Teen to accommodate requests from healthcare teachers at elementary schools
Indonesia 78,484 users registered on Charm Girl’s Talk menarche education website as of December 31, 2022
Myanmar Resumption of menarche education program for 15,245 students (73 schools) : picture 3
Vietnam Approximately 500,000 sets of sanitary pad samples provided to junior and senior high school students in Hanoi and other major urban areas and around 300,000 sets provided to industrial and suburban areas in the southern region of Vietnam

1: Menarche and menstruation education in India 1: Menarche and menstruation education in India

1: Menarche and menstruation education in India

2: First Body Navi (menarche education website) 2: First Body Navi (menarche education website)

2: First Body Navi (menarche education website)

3: Menarche education program in Myanmar 3: Menarche education program in Myanmar

3: Menarche education program in Myanmar

Coexistence with Partner Animals (Pets)

Background of Initiatives

At Unicharm, we support organizations that work to prevent the culling of dogs and cats based on our belief in the importance of animal welfare. Through such initiatives and our supply of food, sanitary products, and services for dogs and cats, we aim to realize a society where people and their partner animals (pets) can live happily together. With cats and dogs, the more time they spend together with people, the deeper their relationships become and, for many owners, these partner animals (pets) have come to be regarded as members of their family. In light of this, we have remained devoted to helping maintain the health of partner animals (pets) and resolve their incontinence issues by providing delicious food that contains the necessary nutrients, as well as hygiene products and services that enrich the lives of people and their partner animals (pets) by creating stress-free and clean living environments, and enabling them to go out freely together. Going forward, we will continue to help realize a society where partner animals (pets) are welcomed not only by their families but also by people living in their communities.

Key Initiatives / Case Studies

GO WITH YOUR DOG Project (Japan)

With the desire to realize a society where people and their partner animals (pets) can enjoy going out with more freedom and convenience, in April 2022 Unicharm teamed up with the tourism, food service, and a variety of other industries to launch the GO WITH YOUR DOG Project for its Manner Wear strong absorption diapers for partner animals (pets). Stickers were distributed to restaurants and business facilities that were in support of this project and the use of Manner Wear to indicate to customers that their establishments are dog friendly. In addition, we are rolling out a variety of other projects that enable people to enjoy outings with their dogs as comfortably as possible, such as a tour package, the first of its kind in Japan, that allows people to travel by plane with their dogs wearing Manner Wear, as well as corporate sponsorship of the GO WITH YOUR DOG MARATHON 2022, which allows people to experience the joys of sport together with their dogs.

Also, we have entered into a partnership agreement with Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd., to provide an environment where people can enjoy watching baseball games with their dogs at the new ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO baseball stadium located inside HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE, which opened in March 2023.

Improvement of Childcare

Background of Initiatives

The climate, culture, and customs of the approximately 80 countries and regions worldwide in which Unicharm operates its business vary. Thorough research is carried out on the actual living styles and consumption patterns of each country and region, allowing us to provide products and services that are tailored to their cultures and living environments. We constantly strive to ensure that our customers’ needs are carefully met and to seek solutions to the respective social issues of each country and region through our products and services. In so doing, we contribute to the realization of a society in which babies and their families are able to lead healthy and happy lives.

Key Initiatives / Case Studies

MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect (Malaysia/Singapore)

Infectious diseases such as dengue fever are becoming a social concern in the regions of Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Latin America. As dengue fever is transmitted by mosquitoes, it is important to avoid mosquito bites. We hope to protect as many babies as possible from dengue fever through our products that come with mosquito-repellent features and our efforts to share information and raise awareness on infection-prevention measures.

For the Malaysian and Singaporean markets, in 2020 Unicharm introduced MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect, disposable diapers for babies that come with microcapsules containing lemongrass extract, which repels mosquitoes, on the tape of the diapers. The capsules are activated by rubbing them as the tape is put on and taken off, releasing the lemongrass extract and thereby repelling mosquitoes away from the disposable diaper. Natural ingredients are used for the lemongrass extract, making it safe even when it comes into contact with the baby’s skin.

Meanwhile, for the Brazilian market, we released ANTIMOS LENÇOS REPELENTES, wet wipes containing a mosquito-repellent extract, in April 2022. As they are sheet-type mosquito repellents that leave very little residue and alleviate any concern over the chemical agent getting in the eyes or the mouth unlike mosquito- repellent sprays, ANTIMOS LENÇOS REPELENTES can be used safely not only by children but by all members of the family. These sheets come coated with a lemongrass scent and are designed to be effective in repelling mosquitoes from the moment the package is opened.

Improvement of Public Hygiene

Background of Initiatives

To address their diversifying usage and needs, Unicharm offers a lineup of masks that can be used comfortably throughout the year by everyone from children to adults. We are also introducing a new line of wet wipes in response to the changing awareness of consumers for cleanliness, helping ensure that they enjoy a hygienic and comfortable lifestyle. Demand for masks and wet wipes has also increased outside of Japan and, with this in mind, we are speeding up the development of such products on a global scale in an effort to help realize a more sanitary environment.

Key Initiatives / Case Studies

Masks Tailored to Diverse Uses and Needs (Worldwide)

Masks are essential for preventing infection. Therefore, to ensure that they can be used comfortably year-round, Unicharm has continued to develop products that reflect its relentless pursuit of functionality and comfort and to address needs that vary according to use and scenario. For the Japanese market, we have an assortment of masks that come in a range of shapes and sizes so that they provide each user with optimal comfort and protection, including those that are specially designed for kindergarten- and lower elementary school-aged children. However, we found that for upper elementary school-aged children, who are in their growth phase, our masks for kindergarten- and lower elementary school-aged children were too small while those for adults were too big, requiring them to adjust the elastic ear loops on their own. To resolve this issue, in March 2022 we introduced Ultra-Comfort Mask for Upper Elementary School Students, ensuring that our lineup also caters to children aged 10 to 12 with a mask that fits perfectly on their faces as they continue to grow.

Demand for masks is also apparent outside of Japan, as more and more people are now wearing masks as a way of preventing infections in the wake of COVID-19. Moving ahead, we will continue to expand and enhance our lineup of high-performance masks that deliver high added value to customers around the world and help ensure healthy lifestyles in the process.

Silcot Alcohol-Free Disinfectant Wet Wipes for Outdoor Use* (Japan)

People have become increasingly keen to maintain cleanliness and sterilization has become a daily routine in their lives as a result of COVID-19. As most products used for sterilization purposes have some level of alcohol content, one in every two users suffers from skin irritation due to this new daily routine. A survey we conducted revealed there is a large number of people looking to use wet wipes that are alcohol-free, easy on the skin, and unscented while equaling the disinfection results of alcohol-type wet wipes.

In September 2022, we addressed this need with the release of Silcot Alcohol-Free Disinfectant Wet Wipes for Outdoor Use, which are made of thick mesh sheets that can be used to wipe away the surrounding bacteria. As high concentrations of benzalkonium chloride are used in place of alcohol components, this product can also be used to easily remove bacteria outside of the home, despite its lack of alcohol content.

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