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Key Topics:Safeguarding the Well-being of Individuals

Our basic approach and strategy

“NOLA&DOLA (Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities), our corporate philosophy, is filled with our hope that “Unicharm aims to supply all people, from new-born infants to the elderly, with products and services that provide mental and physical support through gentle care so that they may be free of their burdens and can fulfill their dreams.” We aim to develop products and services that contribute to the realization of a society in which each and every people throughout the world can truly feel their “own uniqueness” at various stages of their lives and enjoy their day-to-day living.

Creating a society where women can shine

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

Overcoming the challenges faced by various countries and regions and having women play an active role in society will not only lead to the achievement of gender equality, but also eliminate poverty and stimulate regional economic development. We promote awareness-raising activities while providing products and services tailored to the local peculiarities of each country and region by utilizing the know-how of our business activities that we have accumulated in the past so that we can help create a society where women throughout the world can shine.

Status of activities

【Japan】Sofy “#NoBagForMe” project

The “#NoBagForMe” project was launched by feminine napkin brand Sofy in June 2019 with the slogan “Let’s talk and learn about menstruation!” for an objective of creating the new perspective of value for menstruation within the entire society. The project is engaged in a variety of educational activities, including the development and sale of new designs that are completely different from those of typical packaging based on the conventional concept of “It is indeed a sanitary napkin!”(2019) as well as “Education on menstruation for everyone” which was developed as a corporate training program and implemented at multiple companies (2020).

【Myanmar】Menarche and maternity education

In Myanmar, only around 50% of women use hygienic sanitary products*. In rural areas, it is not uncommon for women to use pieces of rag to absorb the flow of menstrual blood. Since 2017, in collaboration with the public institutions such as NGOs and local government agencies, Unicharm has been conducting menarche education activities, such as teaching students how to use sanitary napkins, at junior high schools in Myanmar. In 2020, we were able to conduct these educational activities at 21 schools.

We also hold seminars for pregnant women where we explain how to select and use disposable diapers according to the stage of their child’s growth as well as share knowledge about nutrition during pregnancy. In 2020, we visited 42 clinics. We will continue the similar activities going forward to contribute to improving the health of pregnant women and infants in Myanmar.

【India】Progress on menarche and menstruation education

In 2013, in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and local NGOs, Unicharm began promoting an educational program for female students in India entitled “Managing Menstruation: My Pride” on the menstrual cycle mechanism and its appropriate care.

In 2020, it was held at 174 schools in 4 regions and about 12,500 people took part. In 2019, we started a session for teaching mothers and daughters and, in 2020, we held 79 sessions in Delhi and Jaipur with about 2,320 pairs of mothers and daughters participating.

In addition, we are rolling out the menstrual awareness activities in rural areas through “Sofy Sahayogi” which means ambassadors who have gone through our training program and acquired knowledge about sanitary products. In 2020, 12 sessions were held in 10 agricultural villages, such as Kolkata and Neemrana, and about 450 people participated.

For lengthening the healthy life expectancy

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

Japan is the super aged society in the world. By 2025, it is estimated that 30% of the population will be aged 65 or older. 

Improvements in medicine have led to an increased average life expectancy and a growing focus on “healthy-life expectancy,” the length of time for which people are able to spend their lives without any restrictions due to health issues. Everyone wants to be able to maintain their own preferred lifestyle and a rich social life even as they get older. Unicharm’s mission is to contribute to an extension of healthy-life expectancy by providing care products that address various issues associated with aging and letting people far and wide know that they can live as actively as before through appropriate use of these products.

Status of activities

【Japan】“Lifree Walk Assist Pant” provides support for the torso and helps people walk independently

For smooth walking, it is very important for the pelvis to be strong enough to support the torso. Unicharm’s newly-developed “Lifree Walk Assist Pant” product is a special type of pant using technology which exerts pressure on the pelvic girdle to enhance abdominal muscle pressure, thereby providing support for the torso and helping the wearer maintain their balance which in turn makes the wearer feel less anxious about walking. The structure of the pant is designed so that it does not restrict the movement of the legs, enabling the wearer to take longer strides and making it easier to walk. The fabric used has been carefully designed to be thin, elastic, soft and breathable with a texture similar to that of ordinary cloth underwear so that users can wear it for everyday activities without feeling uncomfortable.

In addition, we investigated the changes in “daily activities” by focusing on the elderly people who have refrained from going out due to the impact of COVID-19 and the “enthusiasm toward their lifestyle” owing to the decrease in the frequency of going out. As a result, we found that more than half feel that their physical strength has decreased and decided to introduce walking exercises that people can do at home on our website. In order to easily maintain good health while living with their family at home, we proposed a combination of products and gymnastics that support walking, increase motion and motivation throughout their daily life and contribute to maintaining and enhancing an independent life.

For coexistence with partner animals(pets)

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

One of our goals is to help make it possible for people and their partner animals(pets) to live together with happiness. Through food and hygiene products for dogs and cats, we are working to improve the environment where they are welcomed not only by their families but by the people living in the community as well. In recent years, the number of cats kept as pet has been increasing and, for many owners, cats have become like their family members. The more time they spend together, the deeper their relationships become. Through products and services that utilize the knowledge and technology that has supported the health of partner animals(pets) for 30 years, we will contribute to raising awareness about cat health and solutions to excretion problems.

Status of activities

【Japan】“Absorbent wear for cats” that solves their excretion issues

In March 2020, for cats kept indoors, we launched “Manner Wear for Cats (pet diapers for cats)” which are absorption pads for cats that handle excretion issues such as “spraying” to mark surfaces with their own odor and accidents that occur away from the toilet. This product is designed to accommodate the cat’s unique body shape and flexible movements and not induce much stress for the cat while it is wearing it. In addition, for owners who are using it for the first time, we have also released an easy-to-understand video that explains how to put it on properly and how to get the cat used to it.

【Japan】Supporting to keep your cat healthy in its daily life with food and urine checks

In response to the growing need for cat health management, we launched a new brand, “AllWell,” in March 2020. “AllWell” is a product that offers seven functions centered on reducing meal regurgitation, an issue peculiar to pet cats, and supports the pet cat’s health throughout its daily life. In the same period, we released the “Urine Home Testing Kit” that promotes the management of cats’ physical condition at home. The “Urine Home Testing Kit” utilizes the cat’s urine to check its physical condition based on the color, amount and protein content and support urine collection for transport to a veterinary clinic.

To improve environmental hygiene(masks and wet wipes)

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

Under the “Ultra-Comfort Mask” and “Ultra 3D-Shape Mask” brands which safeguard daily health and support safe and comfortable lifestyles, we have expanded the lineup according to the diversifying usage of masks and changes in needs and offer masks for use by everyone from children to adults that can be used comfortably throughout the year. In the area of wet wipes, we are developing products that adapt to changes in residential circumstances and lifestyles and contribute to the creation of effective and comfortable daily lives. In Asian countries in particular, the demand for wet wipes has increased as their income levels rise and we are contributing to improvements in the sanitary environment by rolling out our development activities more quickly.

Status of activities【Japan】

In 2020, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we made various efforts to ensure the health and safety of our stakeholders such as donating masks at bases around the world(for more details, please see the special feature “Unicharm Group’s COVID-19 Initiatives”).

In November 2020, we unveiled the “Unicharm Ultra-Comfort Mask & Ultra 3D-Shape Mask Official Website” which focuses on inquiries regarding masks sent to the Customer Communication Center. This site tells visitors how to choose the best size for making the most effective use of the mask, how to wear it without leaving gaps and other useful information for wearing the mask with comfort. There are also videos explaining how to wear masks so that they do not hurt their ears, among others.

For wet wipes which are an indispensable COVID-19 countermeasure, the website explains the correct way to pull them out to maintain hygiene at all times.

Improving health and sanitation for children

Contributing to SDGs

Background of Initiatives

Recently, the risk of dengue fever has increased in Malaysia and Singapore due to an increase in precipitation. To prevent dengue fever, it is important for the entire region to take two measures: “avoid being bitten by mosquitoes” and “not allow mosquitoes to propagate.” Unicharm wants to assist babies and parents throughout Malaysia and Singapore by providing information on infection control and mosquito-repellent disposable diapers.

Status of activities

【Malaysia and Singapore】Launched “MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect,” the first diaper in the world* to protect babies from dengue fever featuring Anti-Mos Capsules.

In September 2020, in Malaysia and Singapore, we launched “MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect,” a seasonal disposable diaper featuring “Anti-Mos Capsules” which repel the mosquitoes that transmit dengue virus. "Anti-Mos Capsules” are microcapsules filled with lemongrass which act as a mosquito repellent. Because these “Anti-Mos Capsules” are applied to the tape section of the disposable diaper, each capsule is crushed when the tape is attached and detached and the lemongrass protects the baby’s skin from mosquitoes. The lemongrass uses naturally derived materials, therefore, it is safe for the baby’s skin to touch.

In addition, as an initiative for preventing the spread of dengue fever, we have set up a dedicated website that shares the information of mothers who have experienced dengue fever as well as provides information on preventive measures. We also held a panel session with medical specialty practitioners in Kuala Lumpur on the dangers of dengue fever and preventative measures.

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