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Commitment to the Social Implementation of the Circular Economy

Participation in the WWF Japan’s “Plastic Circular Challenge 2025”

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President, Takahisa Takahara) announces its participation in the “Plastic Circular Challenge 2025” launched by WWF Japan on February 22, 2022.

Our Commitment

In May 2020, we announced our “Environmental Goals 2030,” which sets “addressing the plastic problem” as a priority theme, and we are reinforcing company-wide efforts to address this issue. (For further information on “Environmental Target 2030”, please refer to the following.) We have decided to participate in WWF Japan’s “Plastic Circular Challenge 2025” to accelerate our response to the plastic problem by 2025. As an example, we have set a new target to “reduce the amount of plastic used in promotional items by 50% by 2025 and to zero by 2030 (both compared to 2019).

Unicharm Group Med to Long Term Environmental Target “Environmental Targets 2030”

We believe that building a value chain that takes sustainability into account is importance from the perspective of our business continuity as well as contributing to the protection of the natural environment, and we have been working on environmental issues for many years. The company has formulated and announced the following.

“Environmental Targets 2030” sets three key environmental issues: “addressing climate change,” and not contributing to deforestation. The “2050 Vision,” which is the ideal state of these three issues in 2050, is “Three Zero Society,” and the “2030 Targets” necessary to realize this vision have been set.

About “Plastic Circular Challenge 2025”

WWF Japan launched the “Plastic Circular Challenge 2025” in Japan on February 22, 2022 as an ambitious framework with a milestone year of 2025, calling for five commitments from companies that have an impact on solving the problem.

Participating companies commit to the following actions regarding containers and packaging/single –use plastics by 2025.

1. Take action to eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging by 2025. In case when substituting to the other materials, take action to secure the sustainability.

2. Take action to move from single-use towards reuse models where relevant by 2025.

3. Take action of plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable where relevant by 2025.

4. Set an ambitious 2025 recycled content target across all plastic packaging used.

Collaborate towards increasing reuse/recycling rates for plastic.

5. Collaborate towards increasing reuse/recycling rates for plastic.

About WWF

© 1986 PandaSymbol WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature (Formerly World Wildlife Fund)® “WWF” is a WWF Registered Trademark

WWF is a global environmental conservation organization established in Switzerland in 1961. To build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, WWF is currently promoting environment projects in more than 100 countries to protect rare wildlife species, preserve natural environments such as forests and oceans, promote sustainable use of natural resources, and prevent global warming, among many other things.

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