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Connects with the frontline field a few thousands kilometers away
through DX (Digital Transformation)
Development of “Digital Scrum System”
that distinctly transmits “expression of consumers” or “difference in fiber”

Unicharm Corporation (President & CEO: Takahisa Takahara) has developed the “Digital Scrum System” which enables the observation of changes in the actual lifestyle or expression of consumers and stability of quality essential for product improvement or equipment operation quite in fine detail followed by the appropriate instruction from the remote location on real time.

About DX (Digital Transformation) Unicharm is aiming at

Objective of DX is to search for the insight of consumers that leads to the development of new products or categories and their upgraded versions. Insight of consumers is believed to be the hidden needs that can move people and an approach to the unconscious mind of consumers which they are not aware of.

Background of development of Digital Scrum System

Wide-spread of COVID-19 infection all over the world has forced us for long time to either suspend or postpone, in addition to banning the overseas business travels, the face-to-face survey with consumers and maintenance of manufacturing equipment where the regions are locked down. Under such circumstances, all operations in overseas countries outside Japan are being carried out only by the local people which, in some occasions, have resulted in delaying in development of new products or start of manufacturing equipment. Now therefore, we have introduced the company-first “Digital Scrum System” by fully utilizing the state-of-the-art digital technologies which enables us to properly grasp the expressions of each consumer or microscopic changes of fiber with the accuracy of 1/10th of a millimeter and identify the specific area of inspection or repair of equipment even from such a remote location as a few thousands kilometers away, however, with the feeling of on-site presence.

Examples of using Digital Scrum System

・ Small number of local people at our subsidiary in the overseas country visited the home of consumers for installing Digital Scrum System which made it possible for several developers and surveyors to have a direct communication with the consumers through the screen while looking at their living environment or expressions in their true colors.

・ It became possible for people in several local subsidiaries to monitor the living space of babies, elderlies and pets from the remote locations around-the-clock and grasp the culture, living practice and difference or changes in consumers’ needs in each country on real time.

・ It became possible to visually recognize the verification, inspection or adjustment of the operation of manufacturing equipment in each country around the world in the unit of millimeter and verify the introduction of manufacturing equipment for new products while experimenting the best-practice within the group on the spot. 

Future prospect

We have regarded “Principle of 3 Actuals (actual site, actual thing & actual time)” most important, therefore, developed the new products through the local-based marketing activities in each country or region and built the manufacturing system adhering to the idea of “local production for local consumption” as much as possible. Accordingly, the team members themselves have strived to directly touch and observe the “primary information” for catching the true essence and promptly identifying and solving the issues. Going forward, we will build and proceed with the structure so that all of our people involved can provide their support from the remote locations on a timely manner through, in addition to the above-mentioned “Principle of 3 Actuals” we have regarded most important, the hybrid-type “Digital Scrum System”.

Contribution to the “SDGs 17 Goals” through development of DX “Digital Scrum

We believe the development of DX “Digital Scrum System” will contribute to the following items of “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) 17 Goals” which was adopted by United Nations in 2015:

Theme-9 “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”

Theme-12 “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”

Going forward as well, we will aim at contributing to protect the environment, solve the social issues and achieve the SDGs through our business activities such as supply of products and services.

For inquiries, please contact:

Public Relations Office, Corporate Planning Division, Unicharm Corporation


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