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PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk started
“paper packaging” for a limited time!
~Aiming at reducing plastic waste in an occasion of “World Environment Day”~

<Jakarta, May 2021> Taking an advantage of “World Environment Day” on June 5, PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk (President Director Yuji Ishii) is starting to supply a couple of its core product lines, feminine napkin “Charm” and face mask “Protect Pollution”, in “paper package” for a limited period of time. For this “paper package”, 100% renewable “pulp” which is one of the main materials for manufacturing our products is used for ensuring the eco-friendly design.

    『Charm Safe Night 350mm 14p』  『Unicharm Protect Pollution 5p 』     『Charm Safe Night 350mm 14p』  『Unicharm Protect Pollution 5p 』

    『Charm Safe Night 350mm 14p』  『Unicharm Protect Pollution 5p 』


Environmental issues are the global common theme nowadays. In Indonesia as well, there are a

number of outstanding issues relevant to environment which need to be keenly worked on and

improved. According to the data revealed by Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries of Indonesia, it

is the second largest country in the amount of marine plastic waste which reaches as high as 6.4

million tons per annum.

Comment of Yuji Ishii, President Director of PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk

“In order to reduce the environmental impact due to the use of plastic bags, we will start supplying

the products in ‘paper package’ using 100% renewable ‘pulp’ for a limited period of time. By using

the ‘paper package’ for ‘Charm Napkin’, a feminine napkin, and ‘Protect Pollution’, a face mask, we

expect that we contribute to reduce the total amount of plastic waste that is difficult to decompose

which Indonesian government is currently engaged in. Supplying the products with ‘paper package’

will lead to fulfilling the commitment of Unicharm Indonesia who carries the #1 brand in Indonesia

and our specific initiatives for creating the sustainable environment. Meanwhile, using 100%

renewable pulp for packaging is the first initiative in Unicharm Group. Through these business

activities, we will aim at solving the social problems and, as a result, raising our corporate value.”

Distinctive features of paper package

Before starting to supply products in “paper package”, we have conducted a series of experiments for the products as well as appearance by assuming how napkins and masks are kept which proved they clear the in-house standard set by PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk. What is more, as a mask is directly put into the paper bag, we also went through a number of trials to check if there was or was not a sign of smell or discoloration of mask as well as the adhesiveness due to its repeated use which all proved to be safe.

Comment of Makoto Ichikawa, Product Development of PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk.

“PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk intends to encourage all consumers in Indonesia to contribute to reduce the amount of plastic waste through the supply of ‘Charm Napkin’ and ‘Protect Pollution Mask’ both in a ‘paper package’.  By changing the material of package from plastic to ‘paper’, ‘Charm’ and ‘Protect Pollution’ can reduce the amount of plastic usage by approx. 70% and 80%, respectively. On top of that, the amount of plastic consumed for overall products can be reduced by approx. 14.4% for napkin and 16.7% for mask. In terms of paper material for manufacturing the products as well, it was confirmed that the content of heavy metal is below regulation stipulated in European Directive 94/62/EC, therefore, proved to be safe.” 

Pack-count and price

Product Pack-count Price
Charm Safe Night 350mm 14pcs 24,400Rp

Unicharm Mask Protect Pollution

5pcs 24,900Rp

Launching date

We are starting to supply the products in “paper package” in the first week of June 2021 at on-line stores and specified hypermarkets and supermarkets in Indonesia.

Contribution to “17 Goals of SDGs”

We believe the supply of “Charm Safe Night & Unicharm Mask Protect Pollution” in “paper package” will contribute to one of the 17 goals stated in “SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals” adopted by the United Nations in 2015 i.e. “Goal #12 - Ensure sustainable consumption & production patterns”. As a matter of fact, Unicharm Group is aiming at contributing to achieve SDGs through its business activities such as supply of products and provision of services. Going forward as well, we will strive to contribute for safeguarding the global environment and solving the social issues through rolling out our business activities.

About PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk:

PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk was founded in 1997 as a local subsidiary of Unicharm Corporation for manufacturing and marketing disposable baby diaper, feminine napkin, disposable diaper for adult, wet wipes, cosmetic puff and face mask as its core product lines. PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk is fully committed with the strong desire similar to the corporate philosophy of Unicharm Group i.e. “Unicharm aims to supply all people, from new-born infants to the elderly, with products that provide mental and physical support through gentle care so that they may be free of their burdens and can fulfill their dreams.”

 <<For inquiries>>

Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk

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Teluk Jambe, Karawang 41361, Jawa Barat, Indonesia  

Phone: +62 21 8911 9601 – ext. 1101

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