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Unicharm Launches a Brand Site for Horizontal Recycling*1『RefF』

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President: Mr. Takahisa Takahara) is pleased to announce the launch of the Horizontal Recycling*1 brand site "Together we create a future cycle" for our recycled paper pants, RefF”.

*1 "Horizontal Recycling" refers to the process of recycling used disposable diapers and using them as raw materials for producing new disposable diapers.



What is RefF?

RefF is an abbreviation for "Recycle for the Future", and the brand name for Unicharm’s horizontal recycling initiative. To contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we are committed to recycling toward “a future where used paper pants are not thrown away.

Background in launching the site

Since 2015, our company has been carrying out the "RefF Project," which focuses on recycling used paper pants. Starting from 2023, we have been producing caregiving paper pants that incorporate recycled pulp as part of the raw materials, which are being used at some hospitals and caregiving facilities. We have been introducing these initiatives on our dedicated site on Note, called the "RefF Special Site." In late April 2024, we will be launching new products in the "Wellness Care," "Baby Care," and "Pet Care" categories that utilize RefF pulp. To further increase awareness and promote wider adoption, we have decided to launch the RefF brand site.

Outline of the Brand Site
Introduction page of “RefF” Project

RefF aims to achieve horizontal recycling from paper pants to paper pants, utilizing the world's first*2 ozone treatment technology. Unicharm has ensured the safety of using used paper pants as raw materials for new paper pants through its unique "ozone treatment" development. By choosing products with the "RefF" mark, consumers can participate in the new recycling process and take a step towards a society where paper pants are not disposable.

*2 Horizontal recycling technology from paper pants to paper pants utilizing ozone treatment technology (according to Unicharm survey in December 2020)

Mechanism for Regenerating Pulp through Ozone Treatment

We enable the reuse of the main materials, pulp and plastic, by dehydrating, shredding, and cleaning used paper pants, and then separating them by material type. Through ozone treatment, the materials are regenerated safely and hygienically to produce new paper pants. This recycling process reduces the consumption of wood and petroleum resources, contributing to resource conservation and the reduction of waste from paper pants.

The Quality and Safety of Recycled Pulp

Ozone has a sterilizing effect and can effectively remove bacteria that are difficult to eliminate even after washing. Additionally, ozone has a bleaching effect, removing pigments remaining in used paper pants and making the recycled pulp pure white. Furthermore, ozone has a deodorizing effect, eliminating unpleasant odors. These effects contribute to the production of hygienic and high-quality recycled pulp.

Product Line Expansion using Recycled Pulp

We are pleased to announce that we will be launching "Wellness Care Products," "Baby Care Products," and "Pet Care Products" using RefF pulp in late April 2024. The specific items to be released and information about sales channels will be provided separately on our company's website. Please stay tuned for updates and further details.

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Contributing to the 17 SDGs through launching the RefF brand site

Unicharm believes that this act will contribute to the following goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015.


12.Responsible Consumption and Production  13. Climate Action       15.Life on Land


We will continue to the achievement of the SDGs by solving environmental and social issues through our business activities, including the provision of products and services.

<<For inquiries>>

Unicharm Corporation, ESG Division, Public Relations Office  

 Email: brand-pr@unicharm.com

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