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Unicharm Achieves Top Rating "A-List" in CDP's Two Sectors

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President: Mr. Takahisa Takahara) is pleased to announce that it has been selected for the highest rating "A-List" in two sectors, "Forests" and "Water Security," by CDP. Additionally, in the "Climate Change" sector, Unicharm has achieved an "A-" rating, just below an "A."



Our Initiatives in the "Forests" sector:

As part of our "Environmental Targets 2030" announced in May 2020, Unicharm has set "Helping prevent deforestation (response to procurement-related issues)" as one of the important initiatives. We are actively engaged in various activities, including promoting traceability of pulp and palm oil origins, expanding the use of certified pulp (PEFC and CoC certified), expanding the use of certified palm oil (RSPO certified), and promoting the recycling of paper pants (diapers).

Our Initiatives in the "Water Security" sector:

Aligned with our publicly disclosed "Unicharm Group Basic Environmental Policy," we are conducting surveys and implementing measures to address water risks in our business activities. We have set a target of reducing water intake by 1% compared to the previous year and are actively working on improvement activities. In our nonwoven and paper production plants that require water in the manufacturing process, we are implementing water recycling. In our nonwoven plant in Indonesia, we have achieved a water circulation system that recycles approximately 90% of the water used. Furthermore, at our Kyushu plant, we have achieved zero factory wastewater discharge by switching from water-cooling to air-cooling for the air conditioning system, resulting in reduced water consumption. We plan to expand this approach to other plants as we update their air conditioning systems.

Based on our "Unicharm Group Basic Environmental Policy," we will continue to steadily promote initiatives to preserve the natural environment.

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