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New Year’s Greetings for 2024

Unicharm Corporation

President & CEO Takahisa Takahara

◆◆ Love Your Possibilities!◆◆

I wish you a very Happy New Year!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support during the past year with my greetings in the beginning of 2024.

Looking back on 2023 - Adapting to a business environment where change has become the norm through Foresight and Response Ability

The COVID-19 infection, which has had various impacts around the world since 2020 has subsided, and in Japan, it transitioned to "Category V Infectious Disease" in May last year. We are now gradually recovering social activities. However, unstable situations such as irregular weather due to global warming and conflicts erupting in various regions continue to persist in the natural environment and international society. Truly, 2023 has become a year where we keenly feel that we are facing an era of "change becoming the norm and the future being uncertain and difficult to predict".


In order to respond to this constantly changing business environment, we adopted "Win with the first move! Win even with the second move!” as our internal slogan. Through “foresight”, we have improved the resolution of our Medium- to Long-term ESG goals, "Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030," which we announced in 2020, and coordinated it with our Medium-term Management Plan. As for “response ability”, we have launched various initiatives such as the "RefF Project" (RefF: Recycle for the Future) to promote horizontal recycling of used paper pants (diapers) and the "GHG Emissions Visualization Project" to calculate and disclose the CFP value (Carbon Footprint) for each product. Additionally, in Japan, a society at the forefront of "low birth rate and aging population," we have released the "Sofy Ninkatsu Timing Check Discharge Sheet" to support those who wish to become pregnant and give birth.


Although all of these activities are still in their early stages, we will strive to achieve steady results by allocating appropriate resources.

New Corporate Brand Essence: "Love Your Possibilities!"

We are actively working towards the practice of "Win with the first move! Win even with the second move!" throughout the entire company. However, in order to solidify the efforts of each individual employee and achieve tangible results without wasting their diligent efforts, it is crucial for all employees to firmly share the worldview that our company aims for. However, the Unicharm Group operates in over 80 countries and regions, with over 16,000 employees, of which only about 20% are Japanese nationals. In order to align the vectors of these diverse employees and accelerate towards the realization of our goal of a "cohesive society," we have decided to adopt a new corporate brand essence starting from this year, 2024.


The new corporate brand essence is "Love Your Possibilities!"

It has long been said that now is the era of "self-expression!" However, the main character is oneself, living as oneself, fulfilling life time with value, and believing that we still have infinite possibilities and can continue to grow. This year, we will start the 12th Unicharm Group Medium-term Management Plan. Whether you are a veteran or a young employee, it is all about loving your own limitless possibilities, which is exactly "Love Your Possibilities!"

By always taking a perspective centered on women, we will discover further potential and focus to efficiently manifest the possibilities of all life time values, from the young to the old, men and women, and even pets. Even in times of trouble or when things do not go as planned, we will cherish our own possibilities and continue to work towards expanding the industry's total assets, feeling the utmost "work satisfaction." This year's single character, which represents our determination for the year, is the letter "L," symbolizing such efforts filled with Love, accelerating the growth of each individual and leading to the creation of unique value!


We sincerely appreciate your continued guidance and support, which will be doubly important this year. Thank you very much.

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