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Unicharm Group's Initiatives on International Day of the Girl, October 11th

Unicharm Group (Group CEO: Mr. Takahisa Takahara) is contributing to the creation of a society where women can live true to themselves, as part of its initiatives for the International Day of the Girl on October 11th. Here are some of the activities we are promoting in various countries and regions:

What is International Day of the Girl?

It is an international commemorative day adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011. It aims to eliminate violence and discrimination against women and encourages collective efforts to solve the issues faced by women worldwide.

Outline of Activities by Unicharm Group

We operate in over 80 countries and regions to contribute to the realization of a cohesive society. When expanding our business, we strive to address the challenges in each country and region by offering products and services tailored to the local context. For example, we supply sanitary products that meet the needs of the local community and promote proper knowledge and usage of these products to reduce the constraints caused by menstruation and support education and social participation.

Introduction of Initiatives in Various Countries and Regions

【Unicharm Corporation】 (Japan)

#NoBagForMe: Conducting "Menstruation Training for Everyone"

- Period: June 2019 onwards

- We have conducted approximately 400* training sessions targeting companies and others to enhance knowledge about menstruation and promote mutual understanding in the workplace.*As of 2023

- In April 2023, we jointly organized a menstruation training session for students in collaboration with the students of Shinagawa Jyoshi Gakuin, who supported our activities.

【Unicharm India Private Ltd.】 (India)

Promoting Menstrual Education and Bedtime Napkin Exchange

- Period: January to September 2023

- In India, there is a lack of opportunities for menstrual education, and many women did not have the habit of regularly changing sanitary napkins.

- By spreading the message of proper timing and frequency of changing sanitary products, we aim to alleviate concerns, especially regarding leakage during the night, and promote the importance of maintaining high-quality sleep.

- In 2023, we conducted 74 awareness activities in India, with approximately 30,000 participants.

【PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk】 (Indonesia)

Promot Breast Cancer Screening and Conducted Ayo SADARI Setelah Menstruasi Fun Walk

- Period: October 2023

- According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is considered the most common cancer among women.

- However, breast cancer is also a cancer that can be self-detected through methods like breast self-examination.

- Our company actively participates in Pink Ribbon activities to promote knowledge about breast cancer and regular screenings. As part of this initiative, we collaborated with a breast cancer organization in Jakarta to organize a Fun Walk, covering approximately 3km, with around 200 participants. This is the third Pink Ribbon activity under the name CHARM, aiming to contribute to the early detection of breast cancer and improve the quality of life for women in Indonesia.

【Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)】

Implementing Menstrual Education and Awareness within Schools

- Period: January 2023 onwards

- We conduct outreach classes to educate female high school students in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, and other regions about menstruation and its management.

- These outreach classes utilize videos and include demonstrations using the sanitary product "SOFY" to ensure clear and understandable information.

- Schools where the outreach classes are conducted strive for continuous awareness by displaying instructions on the proper use and disposal of sanitary products in the school's restrooms.

【Uni.Charm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. / DSG International (Thailand) Ltd.】

Promoting Accurate Menstrual Knowledge and Breast Cancer Screening

- Period: October 2023

- We are delivering downloadable educational content about the first menstruation experience on the 'SOFY' brand website, which is accessible to everyone. Additionally, we plan to create booklets for distribution in schools.

- We are collaborating with universities, research institutions, and other companies to conduct Pink Ribbon activities to raise awareness about breast cancer screening.

Future Outlook

Our company aims to continue contributing to the realization of a society where as many women as possible can live true to themselves through our business operations. We will continue and further enhance the activities introduced today, supporting women's education and social participation, and contributing to the improvement of women's social status. We strive to continuously evolve and expand our initiatives to make a lasting impact on the lives of women.

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UN Women Official Website        https://www.unwomen.org/en

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Contributing to the 17 SDGs through these activities

Unicharm believes that these activities will contribute to the following goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015.


1.No Poverty         3.Good Health and Well-Being                              4.Quality Education       

5.Gender Equality    12.Responsible Consumption and Production


We will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by solving environmental and social issues through our business activities, including the provision of products and services.

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