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Unicharm Selected as a Constituent of JPX Nikkei Index 400

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President: Mr. Takahisa Takahara) hereby announces that it has been selected as a constituent of the JPX-Nikkei Index 400 for fiscal 2023 (August 31, 2023 - August 29, 2024), which is jointly calculated by JPX Market Innovation & Research Inc. and Nikkei Inc.

The JPX Nikkei Index 400 is a stock price index consisting of 400 companies with “high appeal for investors” which meet requirements of global investment standards, such as efficient use of capital and investor-focused management perspectives.

We believe that our selection was based on our corporate philosophy “NOLA & DOLA”* and our efforts to solve environmental and social issues through business development and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. We will use this selection as an opportunity to earn the trust of our stakeholders by achieving sustainable business growth and increasing our corporate value.

※ NOLA & DOLA is the abbreviation of Necessity of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities. It represents Unicharm’s philosophy of providing products and services that gently support the mind and body to free all consumers, from babies to the elderly, from various burdens, and to fulfill the dreams of each individual.

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