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Organizing an Information Exchange Session on Visualizing GHG Emissions
- Inviting relevant Ministries, Industry peers, and Environmental-related companies, etc. -

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President, Mr. Takahisa Takahara) held an information exchange session on visualizing GHG emissions on May 26, 2023.


The purpose of this session was to exchange information on visualization of GHG emissions and involved participation from relevant Governmental Ministries and Agencies, Industry peers, and Environmental-related companies.

At Unicharm, we recognize that de-carbonization is a challenging goal that cannot be achieved by our company alone, and we believe that it must be expanded across the entire industrial sector, not only within the daily necessities industry. In doing so, we believe that it is important to formulate and implement clear and user-friendly rules for consumers to understand and choose the products and services provided by companies, while complying with the international calculation regulations.

Based on the above perspectives, this session exchanged information and opinions on the recognition of issues and matters to be addressed in the future.

Contents of this session

Part I: "Future Trends and Prospects on De-carbonization" by government ministries

Part 2: Introduction of Unicharm's initiatives to visualize GHG emissions

Part 3: Introduction of case studies initiatives by participating companies

Part 4: Discussion on creating guidelines for visualization of GHG emissions, etc.

Plan for Future Initiatives

This time, we exchanged information and opinions on the carbon footprint of the daily necessities industry. We also had discussions with government officials regarding future policy direction based on global trends, aiming to share awareness of challenges and promote industry collaboration.

As a result of the exchange of opinions at this session, it was recognized that achieving transparent visualization of GHG emissions requires collaboration not only among final manufacturers but also throughout the entire supply chain.

Moving forward, we plan to invite not only the companies that participated in this meeting but also participants from various industries to share information and engage in discussions towards the establishment of highly transparent GHG emissions rules in compliance with the international calculation regulations.

The next session is scheduled to be held in August.

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