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Unicharm Received the Grand Prize in “Learning Champion”
In LinkedIn Talent Awards 2022

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President, Mr. Takahisa Takahara) announced that they have received the Grand Prize in “Learning Champion” in LinkedIn Talent Awards 2022, presented by LinkedIn (Headquarters: San Francisco, U.S.A., Japan Country Manager, Ms. Wakana Tanaka).

What is LinkedIn Talent Awards?

This global event celebrates companies using LinkedIn Talent Solutions. By recognizing companies and organizations that are actively engaged in future work styles, the program aims to foster the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills and to create momentum to support work styles throughout the global community.

Reason why we received the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2022 in Learning Champion

(1) The company's LinkedIn Learning has a higher repeat learner rate, average login rate, and average learning time than other companies and organizations.

(2) The company has adopted a system that makes employees want to learn spontaneously.

Our major initiatives

We have introduced LinkedIn Learning throughout our group as one of the learning platforms where employees take the initiative to learn. Through this initiative, we are striving to support the growth of each and every employee and create an environment in which they can feel a sense of fulfillment in their work.

In our employee awareness survey, we received comments such as, "I can take the training and programs I need for my job at any time, from any location.


We will continue to invest in human capital so that each and every one of our employees can maximize their abilities and, along with their personal growth, become a "rewarding" company to work for, thereby increasing our corporate value.

<<For inquiries>>

Unicharm Corporation, ESG Division, Public Relations Office  

 Email: brand-pr@unicharm.com

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