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Selected in stock composites of “SOMPO Sustainability Index”, 11 years in a row

Unicharm Corporation(HQ: Tokyo, Japan; CEO & President: Mr. Takahisa Takahara) was chosen in the stock composites of SOMPO Sustainability Index instituted by SOMPO Asset Management Co., Ltd., for 11 consecutive years in appreciation of its initiatives toward ESG.

SOMPO Sustainable Investment, launched in August 2012, is an investment product designed for pension funds and corporate investors who extensively invest in the companies whose ESG activities (environment, social and governance) are highly valued.

Under the slogan "Business itself is ESG," we strive to ensure that each and every employee contributes to solving environmental and social issues through their daily work and that our corporate governance is compliant and highly transparent. In October 2020, we announced our mid- to long-term ESG goals "Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030" with the aim of further accelerating these activities, and the progress of these goals are reported on our sustainability website. By steadily implementing the "Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030," we aim to solve environmental and social issues, contribute to consumers and local communities, and achieve sustainable business growth at the same time.

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