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Unicharm and Deloitte Tohmatsu announce to launch a comprehensive initiative to achieve the Unicharm‘s reduction goal of Green House Gas Emissions, including the Scope 3

As a way to pursue net zero carbon dioxide emissions, the project aims to disclose emissions by product while building a foundation for assessing comprehensive emissions including those in the supply chain

Unicharm Corporation (CEO & President, Takahisa Takahara) and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, a company of Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, will launch a project to quantify comprehensive greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions in Unicharm’s business, including the Scope 3*1, in aiming at ultimately disclosing the emissions per product.

This project is intended to further facilitate Unicharm’s climate actions laid out in the company’s “Eco Plan 2030”, released in May 2020, as well as its med-to-long term environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals, “Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030”, released in October of the same year. Deloitte Tohmatsu will offer support to the project by leveraging its extensive insights and expertise in helping corporations achieve carbon neutrality goals, including its collaboration with WasteBox*2.

Under the slogan of Unicharm, “Visible, Measurable & Manageable”, the two companies will first build a foundation for gauging GHG emissions in the fiscal year 2022, collecting data which makes a basis for promoting the use of renewable energies and saving energy consumption. In addition, the actual emissions will be calculated while efforts on disclosing and reducing emissions per product will be undertaken.

Since assessing the Scope 3 emissions requires collaborations with suppliers and vendors, the project plans to integrate primary data*3 as a result of their independent and autonomous efforts which helps Unicharm enhance its environmental values. Working with these suppliers and vendors, the company also aims to help build its business and operational foundations that will lead to the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Unicharm’s desire is that the project contributes to society’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality in the future as it actively plays its part in building core cross-industry efforts and collaborating with other companies in the consumer goods sector.

Unicharm and Deloitte Tohmatsu are both committed to taking active roles in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) adopted by United Nations members in 2015.


*1 Scope 3: Scope 1 measures emissions by the company’s owned or controlled sources while Scope 2 includes indirect emissions caused by electricity consumption. Beyond these two scopes, Scope 3 considers decarbonization efforts in the whole supply chain, including raw materials procured as well as products and services offered.

*2 WasteBox: A consulting firm focused on the environment, based in Naka-ku, Nagoya-city. The company has over 10 years of experience with the most extensive track record in calculating carbon dioxide emissions and in creating and trading environmental values in supply chains, covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3. https://wastebox.net/company/

*3 Primary Data: Data aggregated and measured by a business entity responsible for emissions calculation (e.g. power consumption necessary for manufacturing products) and data collected through interviews among external stakeholders (e.g. suppliers’ emissions directly related to business relations with the company).

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