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Our Basic Policy on Profit Returns to Our Shareholders

Our basic approach and strategy

The “‘Beliefs and Pledges’ and Corporate Principles of Action” outlined in the Unicharm Group's Action Guidelines constitute our pledge to our shareholders which clearly state that “We pledge to distribute industry-leading returns to shareholders.” The basic guidelines for shareholder returns based upon these principles emphasize two points; investment to support business expansion in the med-long term and the continuation and stability of dividend payouts. As a result, in the fiscal year ending December 2019, the company paid an annual dividend of 28.0 yen per share, continuing to increase dividends for 18 consecutive years.

Additionally, we have bought back some 4.24 million shares worth approximately 15 billion yen in an effort to enhance the total return of shareholders.

We will continuously view shareholder return as an important management agenda and will strive to realize the distribution of industry-leading returns with continuous improvement of our business performance.

Dividend payout amounts

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