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Information Disclosure for Our Investors

Information disclosure for our investors

We opened investor relations pages on our websites to post disclosure information including brief notes on the settlement of accounts and financial statements. At the same time, we disclose information for our overseas investors by posting important information on our English site.

Starting in FY2015, Unicharm's integrated report was published on this website in order to introduce useful information about the company to investors in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

We also position result briefings and overseas IR roadshow as important venues for dialogue among company executives and our investors, and strive to improve the disclosure of information in order to help investors to better understand our business activities. President Takahisa Takahara visits corporate investors in Europe and North America on an annual overseas IR roadshow where he makes an appeal for future growth by directly referencing the security of the company's stable domestic profits in Japan and details Unicharm's medium-to-long-term global growth potential.

Furthermore, we continue to promote dialogue through individual meetings for institutional investors and securities analysts and hold IR events such as tours of our new Kyushu factory(completed in 2019) and lectures about our ESG activities to foster greater engagement.

Information for investors on our website

Results briefing

Overseas IR roadshow

Lectures on ESG activities

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