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Community-based Social Contribution Activities (Overseas)

[Vietnam] Maternal & Child Health Handbook promotion activities

Our local subsidiary in Vietnam collaborated with the Ministry of Health to raise the awareness of mother and child on health insurance by distributing 200,000 copies of the Maternal & Child Health Handbook in nine cities and prefectures.

[Vietnam] Provision of disposable diapers to vaccination centers in Vietnam

From July to December 2019, our local subsidiary in Vietnam provided 36,000 disposable diapers for babies to the visitors in the diaper changing room at the vaccination centers in Vietnam.

[Thailand] Disability support project

As a project to help people with disabilities earn income, our local subsidiary in Thailand provides a space where they can sell products.

[India] Support for women affected by major cyclone

In May 2019, a large cyclone named “Fani” made landfall in the eastern Indian state of Odisha at Puri City. The severe cyclone caused serious damages including power and water outages and communication interruptions. At the request of the Odisha State Government, our local subsidiary in India delivered 214,560 sanitary napkins to 53,640 women as relief supplies.

[India] Educational activities for disposable diaper use

Getting enough sleep is vitally important for the healthy growth of babies. Unicharm is conducting the Namaste Poko Chan Event to highlight the importance of providing an environment where babies can sleep soundly and hygienic excretion care in some cities and rural areas of India where the use of disposable diapers is still low. The event is held using a specially designed truck in open spaces in local communities to help promote awareness. With cooperation from local public health nurses, many mothers came to these events where, through short movies and interactive programs, they were able to hear explanations on the importance of sleep for mothers and babies, learn about hygienic baby care and excretion care and see how to properly use disposable diapers and absorption experiments. In 2019, several of these special trucks were used for 960 events over 240 days, with some 50,000 people attending.

[Indonesia] Educational activities for river cleanups and proper waste disposal

To solve the problem of garbage being dumped in rivers in the suburbs, our local subsidiary in Indonesia has been carrying out river cleanup activities since March 2019 in collaboration with local environmental bureaus and NGOs. Along with a donation of 20 trash cans and 20 signs noting that dumping in the river is illegal, we are raising citizen awareness about proper waste disposal and supporting the development of a waste collection system by the local government. As a manufacturer of disposable diapers, we also carry out educational activities on their proper use, such as printing instructions for appropriate disposal methods on diaper packages and carrying out education in rural areas about proper disposal.

[Indonesia] Visit to orphanages

In August 2019, employees at our local subsidiary in Indonesia visited two orphanages. The visit has been held as a part of the annual company founding commemoration event for the local subsidiary, with the goal of providing social assistance to orphaned children and promoting mutual interaction. In addition to providing a donation of disposable diapers, wet wipes and sanitary napkins, an educational event was held for girls near the age of first menstruation.

[Indonesia] Excretion care seminar for nursing care trainees

In October 2019, our local subsidiary in Indonesia conducted a joint training course for nursing care trainees on excretion care for the elderly together with OS Selnajaya Indonesia. Twenty-six trainees learned about Japanese-style excretion care, including how to use disposable diapers and how to attend to persons using them in accordance with activities of daily living (ADL) for the elderly.

[Malaysia] Donations for social welfare groups through a purchasing campaign

Our local subsidiary in Malaysia conducted a campaign with 99 Speedmart(a Malaysian retailer) to donate one ringgit to social welfare organizations for each target product sold during the campaign period.

[Taiwan-Greater China] Sponsored a senior stage show

In November 2019, our local subsidiary in Taiwan-Greater China held a stage show for seniors sponsored by Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation to promote social participation by seniors and help them realize a healthy and enjoyable life as they continue to grow older. An amount of 65,000 RMB was donated to “Xian Jiao Bai Lao Hui 8 (仙角百老匯 8)” for the show and “Lifree Sawayaka Pads” and “Lifree Slim-fit Style Underwear” were also distributed at the venue on the day of the show.

[Taiwan-Greater China] Sponsored the Infant and Children Support Bazaar

In May 2019, our local subsidiary in Taiwan-Greater China provided products in support of a bazaar hosted by The Garden of Hope Foundation, a welfare group which fosters infants and children, and baby goods specialty store KODOMO. Ten percent of the bazaar sales and donations collected from participants will fund the living and medical expenses of these children.

[China] Visited welfare facilities

In August 2019, our local subsidiary in China visited an elderly welfare facility in Shanghai and communicated with facility residents. An explanation of adult diapers was provided and adult diapers and daily necessities were donated. This visit has been made annually since 2011 as one of the subsidiary's local contributions in cooperation with the neighborhood association.

[China] Exhibited at the “Children Baby Maternity EXPO China”

In July 2019, our local subsidiary in China exhibited at the “CBME (Children Baby Maternity EXPO) China” in Shanghai, the largest exhibition of baby-related products in China. This was our fifth year participation and we exhibited and provided samples of our newly released 0.2 cm thin disposable diapers.

[Korea] Carried out the “SHARE PAD Campaign”

Our local subsidiary in Korea, in collaboration with the Korea Single Parent Family Welfare Facility Association, held the “SHARE PAD Campaign” to donate 1,964,252 packs of sanitary napkins and panty liners to single-parent families.

[Korea] Campaign to support low birthweight babies

In collaboration with Samsung Card's Baby Story, our local subsidiary in Korea provided 83,000 diapers for 3,000 low birthweight babies and also held a class for parents of such babies where childcare information was presented by the experts.

[USA] Exhibited at “Global Pet Expo 2019”

In March 2019, our local subsidiary in the US exhibited products with demonstrations at “Global Pet Expo 2019” in Florida which is the largest pet goods exhibition in the US. This annual exhibition showcases more than 1,000 companies from countries around the world and introduces over 3,000 new products. In 2019, a record-high 1,174 companies exhibited.

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