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Community-based Social Contribution Activities (Japan)

Sponsored program to gift disposable diapers upon birth registration in Kakegawa City

Since 2016, we have had a program of gifting disposable diapers for newborn babies upon birth registration in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where our Shizuoka Factory is located, with the goal of promoting healthy growth of children, reducing financial burdens on child-raising families and contributing to the local region.

Reached the milestone of giving out 2000 newborn gifts in support of childcare

Sponsored program to gift disposable diapers upon birth registration in Shibushi City and Osaki Town

In November 2018, the Presentation Ceremony for Newborn Gifts at Birth Registration was held in Shibushi, Kagoshima. This is an initiative to congratulate and support child-raising families through gifting of diapers for newborns in Kagoshima Prefecture's Shibushi City and Osaki Town. These two municipalities are working with Unicharm to develop disposable diaper recycling technologies, which are essential to the future of our children.

    Please see CSR Key Topic 3 for information on initiatives of disposable diaper recycling.

Sponsored program to provide disposable diapers to Shikokuchuo City

Shikoku-Chuo City is considered to be one of Japan's largest paper producing areas. Unicharm is helping to sponsor local initiatives to assist children here as part of a public-private partnership initiated by the city government. Through this initiative, families in the city raising a child below the age of one receive a childcare support voucher they can use to redeem for MamyPoko and Moony products free of charge. Unicharm actively supports the city's efforts to promote the local production and local consumption of paper products as a means to easing the burden placed on child-raising families and encouraging the healthy development of children.

Child-raising support voucher

Participation in the Childcare Festa 2019 in Shikoku-Chuo City

We participated in “Childcare Festa 2019,” a child raising festival held in the city of Shikoku-Chuo in October 2019. In keeping with the city's slogan, “The Best Place to Raise a Child in Shikoku,” this event provides an opportunity for parents and children to interact with one another and to promote a good childcare environment. We displayed products, operated a miniature steam locomotive, carried out awareness-raising activities for the early detection of breast cancer and raised money for the Pink Ribbon Campaign

Supported the “Smiling Face of Ehime Child Raising Support Project” in Ehime Prefecture

With Ehime being home to many leading paper manufacturers in Japan, we are sponsoring the “Smiling Face of Ehime Child Raising Support Project,” a collaboration between the prefectural and local governments and disposable diaper manufacturers in the prefecture to support families with young children. This project offers support to families with two or more children by providing coupons valid for diaper purchases in order to reduce their economic burden.

Sponsored the ITF Unicharm Trophy EHIME International Open Tennis

As a company originating in Ehime Prefecture, since 2018 we have sponsored the ITF Unicharm Trophy EHIME International Open Tennis, a men's tennis competition recognized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), with the aim of contributing to regional revitalization. We also provide support to junior tennis athletes reaching for the world stage through kids tennis classes taught by former professional tennis player Ms. Kimiko Date and Japan Tennis Association (JTA)-certified coaches.

Sponsored the Malaysian Badminton Team Camp in Ehime

Given that Ehime was chosen as the official training camp for the Malaysian Badminton Team in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and considering that Unicharm is a company originating in Ehime Prefecture and further developing its business in Malaysia, we have been sponsoring the “Malaysian Badminton Team Camp in Ehime” since August 2018.

Donated wheelchairs to Sapporo City Council of Social Welfare

Since 2000, we have annually donated wheelchairs to the Sapporo City Council of Social Welfare in collaboration with Tsuruha Holdings, Inc. In recognition of these efforts, we were presented with a letter of appreciation in July 2019 at the “42nd Sapporo City Social Welfare Convention.” In October 2019, we donated another 20 wheelchairs for a cumulative total of 220 wheelchairs. The donated wheelchairs are being used by many facilities for the elderly in Sapporo as rental wheelchairs and for transportation services.

Products chosen as thank you gifts for making Hometown tax contributions

In collaboration with local municipal governments where our manufacturing plants reside with the hopes of revitalizing the local regions, Unicharm products have been adopted as thank you gifts to taxpayers making Hometown tax contributions in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture; Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture; Tanagura Town, Fukushima Prefecture; Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture; Nabari City, Mie Prefecture and other municipalities.

Established a scholarship foundation for the development of children leading the next generation

Unicharm's President & CEO Takahisa Takahara established the Unicharm Resonance Fund in 2017 for the purpose of the development of university students and graduate students leading the next generation, particularly students interested in manufacturing, welfare and globalism, in order to achieve cohesive societies of people and pets.

The foundation provides scholarships for students enrolled at universities and graduate schools in Japan for the purpose of supporting the development of human resources that will contribute to society.

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