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Making Contributions to Society through Business Development

Efforts to lengthen healthy life expectancy through seminar on “Caring for urine leakage and continence”

Unicharm continues to provide appropriate continence support and nursing know-how in cooperation with educational institutions and local communities so that we can help the elderly live with being themselves forever. Tailoring themes and programs to suit participants, we are presenting useful knowledge and skills for care workers so they can provide a high level of care and a comfortable life for the elderly.

Seminar on “Caring for urine leakage and continence” by Continence Care Research Center

Initiatives via Unicharm Corporation's “flat-rate disposable baby diaper service”

At most Japanese daycares, parents are responsible for supplying their own child's diapers. Beginning in July 2019, Unicharm Corporation has partnered with BABY JOB Co., Ltd., a childcare worker staffing service, to offer a flat-rate disposable baby diaper service for daycares in order to ease the burden on parents and daycare staff and make child-raising full of smiles.

Ongoing participation in Pink Ribbon activities in Japan and overseas

Pink Ribbon activities help to raise awareness around the world about the early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of breast cancer and Unicharm assists with these activities in Japan, China and Taiwan-Greater China.
Unicharm is now in its 12th year of supporting Pink Ribbon activities in Japan. A total of 65 people, including employees and their families, took part in the Pink Ribbon Smile Walk Tokyo Event held in October 2019 to communicate the Pink Ribbon message.
In order to foster correct understanding about Pink Ribbon activities, we provide information on basic knowledge on breast cancer and self-check methods for early detection through a special website and with limited-edition packaging for “Sofy” sanitary napkins. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these limited-edition package products was donated to relevant organizations in conjunction with the “#Sofy Pink Feather fund-raising campaign” on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, Unicharm raised money at the “2019 Childcare Festa” and the “Paper Festival”, both held in Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture, with donations provided to all relevant organizations.
In addition, to enable employees to be both mentally and physically healthy and to engage in highly productive activities, we designated October as Pink Ribbon Month and gave out pink ribbon badges and educational books to employees, providing our employees, their families and people close to them with the opportunity to think about breast cancer.
Active promotion of annual health checkups resulted in a 100% uptake rate in FY2019. As an early prevention measure for female breast cancer and cervical cancer, it is essential for all female employees, regardless of age, to receive gynecological checkups the costs of which are fully paid by the company.
Our subsidiary in Taiwan-Greater China sponsored the 2019 “Pink Ribbon Walk Event” held by the Formosa Cancer Foundation in May 2019. This was the eighth year we supported this event, in which 30 employees and their family members participated in order to raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening. Our local subsidiary in China sponsored a running event “Pink Line” in Macao in November 2019 aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon activities in each region


Pink Ribbon Smile Walk Tokyo

Pink Ribbon limited-edition products

Taiwan-Greater China

Pink Ribbon Walk Event

Participated in a gender equality exhibition

We participated in the exhibition “Too little, too late to ask ‘What is Gender Equality?’” organized by JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency) Yokohama which was a photo and video retrospective of gender inequality issues around the world and the various efforts made to address them. We held our first menstruation education in Myanmar which we carried out in cooperation with the Myanmar government and the NPO Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning(JOICFP).

    Please see CSR Key Topic 2 for information on our initiatives in Myanmar

Activities in cooperation with consumers to consider small things that lead to better futures for children

We supported and co-sponsored Toyoshima & Co., Ltd.'s the “Orgabits Project” through “Natural Moony ,” our diaper with an organic cotton surface sheet. The Orgabits Project began with the idea of contributing to the global environment through increasing the use of organic cotton “bit” by bit. By increasing the number of people who use organic cotton, organic cultivation and the number of organic cotton field increase, improving the global environment and helping the children of the future to smile.
A portion of purchase price for eligible purchased boxes of “Natural Moony” are donated to the PEACE BY PEACE COTTON PROJECT (run by the PEACE BY PEACE COTTON Foundation) through Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. The collected donations are used in India to support organic cotton farmers, encourage the spread of organic cotton use and support school attendance by the children of cotton organic farmers.

Supporting the “Panel for Life” project for the happy life of rescue dogs and cats

From October 2019, we have carried out a campaign to support “Panel for Life”, an initiative by the Christel Vie Ensemble, which is a foundation that wishes for the happiness of all pets and works to realize a society in which all living things are valued. The “Panel for Life” project installs life-sized dog and cat panels in various locations to increase awareness of the existence of rescue dogs and cats and to help those animals find their forever home.

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