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Our basic approach and strategy

We will never discriminate based on nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, family background, disability or any other factors. We also will not tolerate child labor or forced labor and we support the right to solidarity, collective bargaining and other group actions by guaranteeing the right to assemble and freedom of association.


We will hire and evaluate people in a fair and equitable manner, respect the rights of each employee, create a workplace that makes the most of each person's individuality and abilities and strive to achieve happiness for our employees and their families.


In order to ensure legal compliance Group-wide and promote understanding, we hold discussions with persons in charge of personnel matters at Group companies on revisions to labor laws and other topics on labor standards.


In addition, as part of our work-style reforms, Unicharm encourages employees to take at least five days of paid vacation each year and monitors overtime work using a new attendance management system. In this manner, we are working toward changing the way our people think about work, promoting operational reforms and improving productivity.

“Mission, Vision and Values” in the Unicharm Group's Global Human Resources Philosophy

At Unicharm, we value the autonomy of each and every individual based on our “‘Beliefs & Pledges’ and Corporate Principles of Action”. We endeavor to provide fair opportunities for our employees to find fulfillment in their work and to create a corporate culture that fosters the development of confidence and pride.

Unicharm Group's Global Human Resources Philosophy

  • A human resource system that promotes common skills development globally which is a digital tool for skills development by utilizing data on each employee's career, evaluation feedback and e-learning.
  • The three fulfillments include (1) fulfillment of aspiration, (2) fulfillment of economy and (3) fulfillment of mental and physical wellbeing.

Unicharm's unique management method

In order to realize the corporate philosophy, the industriousness of each and every employee becomes the epicenter of change, increasing the resonance of individuals who then reverberate together to effect change across the entire company and allow each employee to realize their vision. We call this business practice and creation of such corporate culture “Management with Resonance.” Through the implementation of this management method, we believe that management-level staff are able to come in first-hand contact with front-line information and share viewpoints. Meanwhile, through dialogue with management-level staff, front-line employees are able to learn “management viewpoints, standpoints and time horizons” to develop mutual understanding while still working to solving conflicts. In this way, both management and the front line work towards a shared goal, fostering a sense of comfortable unity even under strict conditions in the company. Daily ingenuity and wisdom therefore swings resonates between the front line and management like a “pendulum.” This is indeed the “Management with Resonance” in which the wisdom of the front line is utilized by management and the front line learns about management perspectives.

Management with Resonance

Toward an organization that can respond to environmental changes quickly and flexibly using “OODA-Loop”

Unicharm has set the medium-term targets based on underlying megatrends and translated action plans for achieving these targets into plans that employees on the frontlines of our operations can well be convinced. We then have turned PDCA cycle on a weekly basis to monitor progress of strategy. In recent years, however, a “new normal” has emerged where changes become the norm. In order to achieve sustainable growth in such circumstances, we need to establish a system that constantly reviews “approaches” and makes fundamental changes in order to catch the signs of change and to respond ad hoc to a constantly changing environment, without overly focusing on initial plans. As a result, we introduced “OODA-Loop,” a new management method that represents an evolution in our conventional “SAPS method” that focused on PDCA cycle. Our goal is to become an organization where “primary information” from the frontlines is used to understand the fundamental essence of individual situations so that individual employees use their own senses to harness past experiences and knowledge to determine the best course of action autonomously based on situational awareness.

Building a healthy and active workplace environment

Unicharm is committed to be a company where employees can fully experience purpose in their work based on fulfilment in all aspects of their life including career, home life and health. Based on this commitment, we are working to usher in work-style reforms. We are promoting an active workplace environment where employees can be both physically and mentally healthy by using telework, communication considerate of others such as prohibiting work calls and emails on holidays and encouraging employees to take at least five days of paid leave systematically each year. The goal of this is to ensure all employees have the required at least eight hours off between shifts and a work-life balance where employees can satisfy their childcare or family care obligations. In addition, we are designing and building a fair compensation evaluation system so that our diverse workforce with its varied employment formats is highly motivated to play an active role at the company.

Employee survey

We conducted “employee surveys” twice a year at all group companies in Japan and overseas, in order to verify employees' satisfaction/fulfillment and sense of accomplishment. This sequential surveying enables us to implement various measures in management and human resources, and also encourages employees and organizational operations to be more proactive.

Changes in results of employee awareness survey on “motivation at work” and “satisfaction”

Employee survey

* Average score on a scale of 5

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