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Personnel Utilization and Training

Expansion of education and training programs

We have a skill-enhancing program that consists of understanding our OODA-Loop methodology and practical skills improvement in order to develop human resources who will practice Management with Resonance.

Skills-enhancing and Career Planning Support Programs (FY2019)

  •  Shorthand for the “In-house Free Agent System”
  • Shorthand for the “Global 15 Project”. Participants are chosen from executive management candidates who will develop the direction of global strategy and establish a grand design.
  • Shorthand for “Middle Management Board of Directors”. A program aimed at cultivating Unicharm’s next generation of leaders.
  •  Shorthand for “Team 63 Mutants”. A program for employees in millennial generation to take the lead in activities and make proposals that will bring about radical changes(mutations) in realizing cohesive societies.

Our distinctive training programs (excerpt)

Title Summary
Training for new employees (1) Transitioning from student life to working life (change in mentality)
(2) Deepening employees' understanding of “The Three DNAs,” which serve as guiding principles for our thoughts and actions and the corporate philosophy “NOLA & DOLA (Necessity of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities)”
(3) First-hand experience and understanding of the three aspects of actual work sites (manufacture, purchase and use) and recognizing and persisting in developing a “consumer-oriented mindset”
(4) Understanding of “Management with Resonance”
(5) Experiencing the importance of working as an organization (team selling), and understanding Unicharm's persistent emphasis on “target oriented” and “target achievement” approaches
(6) Creating your own “10-year career vision and plan”
Training at all levels, ages and roles Training is carried out for people in keeping with their respective levels, ages and roles. All training is based on understanding our “OODA loop methodology” and improving practical skills, providing opportunities and places to enhance the ability to think and take action.
Life & Career Redesign-1 Implemented targeting employees in their early 50's to promote accurate acknowledgment of environmental changes between today and their retirement age, define career goals that contribute to self-growth and benefit the company and provide an opportunity to consider and develop an action plan to realize these goals in five years.
Life & Career Redesign-2 A program that provides opportunities to employees close to retirement to rethink their life and work styles in order to continually achieve personal growth both inside and outside the company regardless of age.
Strategy Secretary to CEO Employees who are candidates for executive positions take turns to serve as the president's strategy secretary during a two-month period. This program enables an employee to work closely and learn directly from the president on management consideration and actions to develop leadership skills and achieve self-improvement.
Ten-year career vision and plan Provides employees with the tools and a system for designing and developing individualized 10-year career plans, and for completing their own action plans. The tools can also be used for communication with management, in order to support each employee in achieving her/his own goals.
Workplace Exchange Workshop A cooperative training program established by several companies for the purpose of allowing participants to enhance their own skills and improve their own issues & weaknesses. Interaction with participants from other companies is expected to provide all participants with inspiration and insights that may not be available within a single workplace.
Training program for employees posted overseas A training program which raises employees' awareness regarding cross-cultural communication, risk management, bribery, etc., and promotes their preparations for their post-overseas transfer so that they can rapidly assume their duties in the new environment and achieve results.
Training for new leaders This program is aimed at nurturing executives in correct management behavior that respects people in terms of their role in dealing with business performance, human relations issues, leadership and status assessment.
Brothers & Sisters knowledge sharing program Upon entering Unicharm, the first three years are considered a period for fostering a strong foundation. Senior employees take part in this instructor training program to promote fostering the new employees to develop their own knowledge and skills of Brothers & Sisters and enhance human skill while at the same time respecting their basic human rights.
Harassment training Through e-learning on human rights and new leader training, employees learn about specific cases of bullying and harassment along with how to prevent it and what to do in case it actually happens.
In-house internship program Employees experience work at a department of their choice to learn the necessary knowledge and skills needed for achieving their own career vision and actualizing their career plan.

Evaluations for career development

Unicharm's personnel evaluations involve systematic implementation of the “three aspects of human resource development,” namely, evaluation, training, and treatment of employees.
Specifically, “evaluation” is conducted for the purpose of “training” while “treatment” is determined in line with “evaluation”. Human resource development is carried out through such integrated implementation of these three elements.

Our thinking about evaluation and training is that it is not only about results but also process-that is, requiring practices/behaviors that lead to results.

To evaluate such behaviors, there is a need of practice to combine the thinking for our evaluation and training system with that for OODA loop methodology. All employees create their own career vision and plan and set semiannually as well as quarterly goals to achieve the plan with their superiors who check progress each quarter and provide support for the employees' career development by adjusting individual trajectories so their efforts will lead to good outcomes and successful experiences.

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