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Respect for Diversity

Various support systems

We are committed to always improving our work environment so that each and every employee can work to the best of their abilities.

As one of our work-style reforms, we began working interval program and telework program from 2017 and implemented the government's premium Friday program. We implemented the second job system from 2018. Moreover, from 2019, we introduced the Lifree Flexible Work Program and began allowing annual paid leave to be taken by the hour, as well as opened the Agile Special Area at Mita Headquarters.

Various support systems to respect diversity (case study in Japan)

System Eligible people Summary
Moony Birth Support Leave Program Employees who undergoing fertility treatment Leave for advanced fertility treatment (up to 1 year)
Moony Shortened Work Hours System for Childcare For employees who have a child/children up to the third year of elementary school Working hours can be shortened to 5 hours a day
Moony Childcare Involvement Leave For male employees who have a child/children up to eight weeks old Can take up to 5 days off in order to be involved in childcare activities.
Lifree Nursing-Care Leave For employees who have family member(s) in need of continuous nursing care for more than 2 weeks as a result of injury, sicknesses, or physical or mental disorders. By application, up to 5 days leave/year is available for one family member, up to 10 days leave/year for 2 or more family members who require nursing-care.
Career Recovery System Former Unicharm employees who worked for more than 3 years and resigned from employment for various reasons such as marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, childrearing, nursing-care, or accompanying spouses on business transfers. They are eligible for re-employment within a five-year period (from time of resignation), provided that both the former employee and the company reach a certain agreement.
Civic Duties Leave System Those selected to serve a citizen judge or on a Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution The required number of days leave to appear in court as a citizen-judge is available by application.
Bone Marrow Donor System Employees who wish to donate their bone marrow Up to 7 business days leave per 1 donation of bone marrow available by application, for the procedures required for donation to a patient in the working country (except for donor registration).
Working Interval Program All employees Once an employee finishes his/her work day, he/she will in principle have to have a rest period of 10-hours or more, with a minimum period set at eight hours.
Telework Program All employees
*Excludes positions for which telework is not feasible
Employees can apply for permission to telework up to four times a month. The telework for that day is done from home or any other environment that allows concentration on work.
Anniversary Leave All employees Promotes the taking of planned annual leave for anniversaries or other days important to the individual. We are working to improve the rate of annual leave taken. (Three days per six months/six days annually)
Second Job System For all employees Second jobs that will foster the advancement of one's skills or growth are permitted (provided it will not impede one's primary work). This is applicable only to off-business hours and holidays.
Lifree Flexible Work Program Full-time employees
*Excluding manufacturing sites such as plants
There is no upper limit in the frequency of use of the Telework Program which can also be used in conjunction with reduced working hours.

Employment of people with disabilities

We aim to proactively employ personnel with disabilities who are well motivated and provide them with a workplace where they are also able to fully exercise their abilities and promote their desire to grow. More than anything else, we expect proper outcomes from employees with disabilities by setting appropriate goals in accordance with their respective abilities and desires and promote a corporate cultural environment free of barriers in all respects for enjoying the feeling of accomplishment as a team.

Initiatives for balancing work and childcare

Aiming to create an environment that supports both childcare and work, our childcare leave program allows employees to take up to two years of childcare leave. Childcare leave taken before and after pregnancy is treated as paid vacation, while employees with accumulated paid vacation days at the start of their childcare leave can use up to 15 of these days to receive their normal pay and help reduce their burden from birth and childcare.

Moreover, “Moony Childcare Involvement Leave” was implemented in 2018 for all male employees that allows up to 5 days off to take care of their newborn babies within 8 weeks of their birth. This system was thoroughly promoted to every employee with individual information session provided for the employees and their supervisors. As a result, in 2019, the rate of employees utilizing Moony childcare involvement leave was 80.0%.

At present, the average days of leave taken is 3.5 days. Going forward, we aim to continue to promote the program to encourage leave of five days.

Voice from an employee who took childcare involvement leave

Fumiaki Kondo

Trademark & Label Department

Intellectual Property Division

Unicharm Corporation

I took five days of Moony Childcare Involvement Leave at the time of my second child's homecoming from the hospital. As I was experienced with this with my firstborn, I knew it was essential to take leave during the newborn stage when the baby's sleep schedule is not yet settled. This is why I wanted to take leave soon after my child was discharged from the hospital. I had discussed with my supervisor and colleagues about making adjustments to my workload ahead of time and was able to transition into my leave smoothly.
While on leave, I cannot say for sure that I completely reduced the burden on my wife, but I was able to spend lots of time with my children through diaper changes, giving baths and reading together. It also gave me the opportunity to talk about raising children with my wife which had a positive influence on my involvement in childrearing after the leave.

Opening of the Agile Special Area at Mita Headquarters

In 2019, the “Agile Special Area” was opened on the 25th floor at Mita Headquarters with the aim of “providing a space that promotes deep thinking and free imagination to speed up work processes.”

There are four different areas set up on the floor that are for working independently or interacting with colleagues and those from outside the company to help generate ideas. The development of such a space for free imagination promotes the company's ideology of “Management with Resonance” and the “OODA-Loop” method.

Booth-style focus area: utilized to encourage deep strategic planning and “meditative thinking”

Review Space: utilized as a space for meeting and communication among a large group of people

Unicharm Family Plant Visit Day and Family Day

Unicharm holds Family Plant Visit Days at all of our plants both in Japan and overseas to welcome the families of employees for a tour of the plant. Family Day participants were surprised at how fast products were being made while we got to see children being impressed with seeing their parents in a professional capacity.

Moreover, each year, local subsidiaries in China and Indonesia host the Family Day event where every employee and their families are invited. Those who have participated reflected on their appreciation for the opportunity to develop a sense of unity.

Jiangsu Plant

Shanghai Plant

Shikoku Factory

Jiangsu Plant


Implementing Second Job System

The Second Job System was implemented from FY2018 with the aim of promoting further growth of each employee by enabling them to acquire skills or specialization in a different environment than at the company and expand their horizon through opportunities to exert on their capabilities and broaden their network. As of the end of FY2019, 24 employees have participated in the system while many reported having acquired tangible new skills.

Dialogue between labor and management

We place a great deal of value on mutual trust between labor and management, and hold regular monthly discussions between the company and labor union. Depending on the details of these discussions, we also hold irregular meetings in addition to monthly meetings. In FY2019, we held talks about work-style reforms, about reducing overtime work and about employee benefit programs and health management measures, among other issues, and continued with efforts to foster workplaces that can motivate and fulfill employees.

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