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Product Development and Marketing

Insight research closely in tune with the frontlines

We practice a model of manufacturing that closely reflects customer needs by adhering to the motto “Maintain our No.1 position through continued and dedicated service” ingrained in our DNA. We thoroughly observe the lifestyle and consumption style of consumers and pursue the true needs that exist in their subconscious. We are committed to developing products that exceed customer expectations by leveraging our customer-oriented creativity.

In order to promote a more extensive global reach, we are developing products localized to meet the needs of each region and market. While Unicharm products are considered daily necessities, there are some countries where paper diapers are regarded as a luxury or consumers are not accustomed to using paper diapers throughout the day. Taking each country's customs and needs into consideration, we are creating unprecedented new value in our products that balances function with cost, making these products more accessible to all. Our never-changing hope is that we continue to deliver products and services to more consumers around the world that change “discomfort” into “comfort.” We make a contribution that leverages Unicharm's unique strengths by helping people living in all regions to maximize their potential so that they can play an even bigger role in the development of their respective societies.

We aim to continue developing products that suit the local needs of each region by combining the forces of product development and marketing.

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Collaboration between product, technical and facilities development groups

Using an organizational structure consisting of research, development, and engineering (R&D&E), Unicharm promotes product development in a cross-departmental approach that encompasses five businesses. These departments work closely together in product development that provides new value to customers, development of novel materials and technologies needed for product development and the development of facilities to manufacture these products. This ensures that existing products are revamped and new products are developed. In addition, we have set up development remote centers in key geographic areas, creating an infrastructure capable of developing products that truly meet local needs.

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