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Lifree Walking Assist Underwear


Made with 3 patented techniques to help you walk with balance! These are the first ever walking assist underwear.

Lifree Walking Assist Underwear


Assists your walking with 3 revolutionary techniques!

  • First patented technique in the world*1 "Pelvic support fit for your body core®" supports the area around your pelvic to help support your body core to maintain balance.
  • The patented technique*2 "Super stretch under your thighs that widens your stride*" moves with your body and changes shape as it absorbs to avoid a bulky feeling and make stepping forward easier.
  • The patented technique*3 "Comfortable and easy, Flexible Slim Outer" is made with flexible material that mold to your body and make movement easy.
  • Fits gently around the stomach area with a comfortable design.
  • Triple odor-fighting powers with Ag+*4

    *Feature of the entire product
    *1 In regards to leading global brands of adult disposable diapers (March 2019 Unicharm research)
    The front part is constructed with a ridge that curves around the thigh area, and the back part has a ridge around the waist using a stretchy film.
    *2 Constructed with low-fiber areas (positioned diagonally towards the absorption core) that stretch and overlap in the direction of absorption core
    *3 The waist is constructed with stretchable and non-stretchable sections of non-woven fabric made intermittently using ultrasonic bonding.
    *4 Has deodorizing effect for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and diamethylamino
Size Waist Size Standard Absorption Amounts*
M size 60~85cm 2 times of discharge
L size 80~100cm 2 times of discharge

*If 1 urination amounts to 150ml (individual differences should be taken into account)

Size Amount included Suggested retail price
M size 2 pairs Open price
18 pairs Open price
L size 2 pairs Open price
16 pairs Open price

*This product is eligible for medical expense deductions.

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