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Lifree Thin-type Keikai Pants


For those who can walk,thin disposable underwear that you can change yourself.

Lifree Thin-type Keikai Pants


Lifree Thin-type Keikai Pants

  • Goes on smooth with a perfect fit!
  • Our patented "Smooth Zone" technology prevents the elastic waist band from rolling up or catching on your bottom.
  • Our patented "Smooth Leg Insert" technology fits your form perfectly and product does not get caught on your toes.
  • The Yawaraka Stretch Zone expands up to double the size with only a little force.
  • The "Shikkari Fit Zone" prevents slips.
  • Patented technology "Easy Stitch" that's easy for even the wearer to tear*1
  • Perfect Fit Technology
  • The "Perfect Fit Back and Leg Gathers" fit around your back and thighs snugly to minimize leaks and gaps.
  • The Back Leak Block feature prevents discharge from leaking through gaps from your back.
  • Our patented "Pad Inserting Gather" widens the gathers for easy changing.
  • You won't feel bulky with its refreshing, thin shape.
  • Your skin will feel comfortable with its soft materials.
  • The full ventilation sheet leaves your skin feeling dry and smooth.
  • With Ag+, power to eliminate odors, triple effect*2

*1 The upper part of the product is easier to peel vertically rather than horizontally, in the side seal construction
*2 Have odor eliminating effect toward ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine
※Avoid skin contact with the After-use Tape when putting on and removing the diaper.

Size WaistSize Standard Absorption Amounts*
S size 50~70cm 2 times of discharge
M size 60~85cm 2 times of discharge
L size 75~100cm 2 times of discharge
LL size 90~125cm 2 times of discharge

*If 1 urination amounts to 150ml (individual differences should be taken into account)

Size Amount included Suggested retail price
S size 24 pairs , 34 pairs Open price
M size 2 pairs , 22 pairs , 32 pairs Open price
L size 2 pairs , 20 pairs , 30 pairs Open price
LL size 18 pairs , 26 pairs Open price

*This product is eligible for medical expense deductions.

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