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Lifree Skin Comfort Urine Absorption Pad for Nighttime


A urine absorption pad made with your comfort in mind

Lifree Skin Comfort Urine Absorption Pad for Nighttime.


Lifree Skin Comfort Urine Absorption Pad for Long Use

  • This urine absorption pad was made with your skin's comfort in mind, so that your skin will feel dry and smooth throughout the night.
  • The pad includes 6 gathers that absorb urine quickly without allowing it to spread. This keeps your skin feeling smooth and fresh.
  • The Oshiri Sara Sheet prevents urine from spreading back to your behind to prevent skin irritation.
  • Includes antibacterial polymers

    *Absorption amount... up to 4 rounds of urination

Size Standard Absorption Amounts*
per 23cmx51cm pad 5 times of discharge

*If 1 urination amounts to 150ml (individual differences should be taken into account)

Amount included Suggested retail price
14 pads 945 yen

*This product is eligible for medical expense deductions.

*Tax is not included in the suggested retail price.

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