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Lifree Nobiru Fit Thin Type with Light Tape Holds


Nobiru Tape® fits to your body perfectly!

Lifree Nobiru Fit Thin Type with Light Tape Holds


Lifree Nobiru Fit Thin Type with Light Tape Holds

  • Our patented technology "Double Nobiru Tape" uses elastic to stretch, so it adjusts to fit even when you sitting up or sleeping on your side.
  • The world's first* comfortable inseam fit style. The absorbent core transform in accordance with the movement of your body, so it won't feel stiff at the inseam area.
    * Structure where the width of the symmetrical absorbent core slits is greater than the side absorption core. Based on June 2018 Unicharm research of adult tape-type diapers of major global brands
  • Equipped with a groin fit. The groin fit slit shapes to your body's natural lines, so it leaves no room for worrisome gaps or leaks.
  • Using our patented Fit Anywhere Sheet technology, it will always fit the shape of your body and stomach without leaving any gaps or leaks. *If you overlap the tapes, it will not fasten.
  • The 4.5mm Thin Type Smooth Absorption Structure feels comfortable like disposable underwear. Also fits without bunching or separating.
  • The Back and Side Leakage Anshin W Gather prevents back and side urinary leakage so you can use it without worry even while you sleep.
  • The Full Ventilation Sheet reduces moisture in the diaper so your skin feels smooth!
  • Includes odor-blocking polymers* to trap unpleasant odor. *Prevents odor with ammonia.
  • The Center Line fits the center of your body snugly.
  • Absorbs up to 2 times of urination (about 300cc).
    *Isn't uncomfortable even when you first wake up.
Size Hip Size Standard Absorption Amounts*
S~M size 56~106cm 2 times of discharge
L size 81~128cm 2 times of discharge

*If 1 urination amounts to 150ml (individual differences should be taken into account)

Size Amount included Suggested retail price
S~M size 22 pads Open price
L size 20 pads Open price

*This product is eligible for medical expense deductions.

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