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Unicharm Cho-rittai Mask Standard


Allows you to breath freely and won't cling to your mouth!

Unicharm Cho-rittai Mask Standard

Unicharm Cho-rittai Mask StandardSmall size

Unicharm Cho-rittai Mask StandardRegular size

Unicharm Cho-rittai Mask StandardLarge size

  • Features super effective double block!
    " Includes a 3-tiered Dense Filter! The 3-tiered Dense Filter (99% cut filter*) prevents viruses and pollen from passing through the mask. Feel at ease even from PM2.5. *Filters have undergone filtering efficiency testing (Virus prevention: VFE Test, Pollen: Pollen Filtering Efficiency Test)"
    Fits all contours of your face without leaving any gaps! The Cho-rittai structure fits your face perfectly, leaving no gaps around your nose, cheek, and chin area for maximum virus and pollen blockage.
  • No ear pain with the Soft Material Ear straps!
    Your ears won't hurt even after prolonged use due to the soft and thread-less ear straps.
  • Breathing is easy with the Breathe Easy Filter and Mouth space!
    Made with both barriers and ventilators, this high quality filter and mouth space make the mask fit perfectly while making breathing easy. You won't have trouble speaking or rubbing off your lipstick.
  • Also retains moisture to sooth your throat!
    The 3D area around the mouth retains moisture to prevent dryness in your throat.
  • You can even wear it to bed. * This product should not be used by children.

    *Does not include the Nose Fit feature.
Size Amount included Suggested retail price
Small 30 masks Open price
Regular 30 masks Open price
Large 30 masks Open price
  • *Some products listed are not for sale.

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