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Charm Nap Absorption Sarafi Sensitive Skin


Soft sheets that has the same feel as underwear!Effective and safe for sensitive skin*!

Charm Nap Absorption Sarafi Sensitive Skin

Charm Nap Funwari Skin 3cc3cc

Charm Nap Funwari Skin 5cc5cc

Charm Nap Funwari Skin 15cc15cc

Charm Nap Funwari Skin 50cc50cc

Effective and safe for sensitive skin!*

  • Soft dry sheet that is 2 times the softness(*1)! Stays fresh even after absorption and keeps its softness!
    *1: Compared to other company products
  • Equipped with odor-eliminating (*2) odor-free polymers (*3) that absorb unpleasant odors.
    *2, 3: polymers help elliminate ammonia odor
    *2: for every 3cc, very small amounts (5cc)
    *3: for small amounts (15cc) and medium amounts (50cc)
  • Absorbs 5 times the liquid with high-absorption sheets (*4)
    *4: for 3cc, very small amounts (5cc)
  • Includes natural catechin
  • Includes an antibacterial sheet(*5).
    *5: Prevents bacteria with cetylpyridinium chloride. Bacteria prevention area only prevents the increase of bacteria. Does not eliminate all types of bacteria

    *For skin wet from urination
Absorption strength Length Amount included Suggested retail price
3cc 17.5cm 34 liners 315 yen
5cc 17.5cm 32 liners 315 yen
15cc 19cm 30 liners Open price
64 liners Open price
50cc 23cm 16 liners Open price
36 liners Open price

*Tax is not included in the suggested retail price.

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