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Lifree Sawayaka Pads Slim


Slim at 4mm/5mm for comfortable and refreshing feel.

Lifree Sawayaka Pads Slim

Lifree Sawayaka Pads SlimAnshin Especially Heavy Flow Slim Type

Lifree Sawayaka Pads SlimAnshin Long-lasting Wear/Nighttime Slim Type

For those worried about pad thickness

  • Pads are 4mm thick for especially heavy flow (120cc), and long-lasting wear/nighttime pads (170cc) are 5mm thick. They're fresh and comfortable.
  • The world's first*1 Speed in Sheet, created after urinary research, makes you feel like you haven't leaked at all with its instant absorption!
    *1:The textured sheet is constructed to control bulky feeling even when moistened (for main global incontinence brands, by Unicharm research in February 2015)
  • Uses Ag+ to eliminate odor for triple the results*2.
    *2:Has effect with eliminating ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and dimethylamine odors.
Type Absorption amount Length
Anshin Especially Heavy Flow Slim Type 120cc 29cm
Anshin Long-lasting Wear/Nighttime Slim Type 170cc 29cm
Type Amount included Suggested retail price
Anshin Especially Heavy Flow Slim Type 14 pads 830 yen
Anshin Long-lasting Wear/Nighttime Slim Type 12 pads 830 yen

*This product is eligible for medical expense deductions.

*Tax is not included in the suggested retail price.

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