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Silcot Antibacterial Wet Tissues Non-alcohol


Non-alcohol type antibacterial wet tissues that you can use to clean your child's hands.

Silcot Antibacterial Wet Tissues Non-alcohol

Silcot Antibacterial Wet Tissues Non-alcohol1 Box

Silcot Antibacterial Wet Tissues Non-alcohol45 refill sheets

Silcot Antibacterial Wet Tissues Non-alcoholPortable size

  • Antibacterial* against the germs around you and  great to clean kids' hands!
  • With just a push, you can easily pull out sheets one by one,
    Using our patented (*1) "Soft V Slit!"
    *1 The package includes both a wide and a narrow opening for removing sheets.
  • Sheets feel moist until you're finished using them with our new sealing design.
  • Our thick and durable sheets are also great to use on surrounding objects and surfaces.
  • The package's curved shape and design make it feel like a fashionable accessory.
  • Non-alcohol, non-scented.
  • Economic and refillable.
  • [Portable size] Wet feeling continues with firmly sticking seal "Pitato seal"
  • Cannot be flushed down the toilet.

    *Not effective against all types of bacteria.
Type Amount included Suggested retail price
1 Box 45 sheets Open price
Refill sheets 45 sheets Open price
45 sheets x3 Open price
45 sheets x8 Open price
Portable size 26 sheets Open price
  • *Some products listed are not for sale.

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