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For Material Suppliers

Basic policy of Unicharm's approach to purchasing

Unicharm is open to any and all vendors, regardless of nationality,
size or whether they have done business with us before.

Our choice of vendors is on the basis of three elements of procurement,
namely their quality, delivery and cost.

We are always looking forward to receiving your offer.

How to approach Unicharm


Vendors who produce or sell the materials for baby or adult diapers, feminine hygiene products and household products would be eligible to contact us by submitting the following information about you.

1.Product summary

  • Features of materials, environmental protection, chief selling points
  • Relevant patents and technological tie-ups
  • Manufacturing lead time
  • Ideal unit price of the material
  • Target factories for sales

2.Company summary (In case you are a trader, explain the

  • Locations of the headquarters, factories and R&D facilities.
  • Sales, liabilities, employees and parent company (if any)
  • Basic organization in chart and composition of sales by product sector.
  • Principal customers.

(notice)Telephone inquiry is NOT available at any time.

First step for adoption

After an examination, we will be reaching you in one month.

You might be asked to show us your presentation for the materials in depth as long as you passed the examination.

Our staff will help you on procedure for the presentation.

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