Ideal Candidates

Recruitment Policy

Our products are not always the most eye-catching.
But our products are essential in daily life, so we believe that our efforts help make the world a gentler place.
Because of that, we try to know customers more than anyone else in the world, we are the most committed to quality in the world, and we think and act the most in the world, all to produce change…
We want to hire people who can provide the finest products and services in the world to all people in the world and share our commitment.

  • 01.

    We make Unicharm more a reliable and loved company in society by carrying out recruitment operations based on the corporate ideals and Corporate Principles of Unicharm.

  • 02.

    We face “you” directly, looking beyond the differences of age, gender, nationality, and beliefs.

  • 03.

    We seek the people who will lead Unicharm in five or ten years. We believe your enthusiasm and desire for growth and bring out your “potential”.

  • 04.

    We try to hire people in an honest and straightforward way by describing how severe and hard it is to work at Unicharm.

  • 05.

    We look for people who sympathize with our important sense of values, including the corporate philosophy or business model of Unicharm.