Employee Profile

Unicharm is an organization where each individual employee thinks, acts, and grows on their own. Listen to the real voices of experienced employees and see their passion for pursuing goals and their persistent attitude for yourself.

Employee Voices

Take a look inside our staff's minds, and learn about the reasons they joined the company, specific job details, their motivations, and more, as they think, act, and grow on their own. Read about the candid struggles and difficulties of their work. Unicharm's employees are doing their best and taking on challenges in a variety of positions and in various locations.

  • Sales goals of billions of yen. Such a massive number is also a measure of impact on the world.
  • Expansion of the pet care market will lead to the happiness of pets and owners.
  • Proposing a system to ensure the dignity of elderly people.
  • The pressure and reward of taking on sales strategies of a core domestic business.
  • Brighten the nursing workplace with never-before-seen product ideas.
  • Give the utmost thoughts to the health of dogs and cats, who cannot speak for themselves.
  • Create concepts for state-of-the-art facilities and build factories around the world.
  • A presence that protects and supports the factories that supply products around the world.
  • There are endless new product ideas that are waiting to be discovered in the market.
  • Improve the comfort of living for women around the world.
  • A more gentle way of life for babies and mothers in Arab countries

Special interview

The Special Interview feature presents "Working at Unicharm" and "Employee Visions" from a wide range of perspectives, and ranging from business in overseas markets to product packaging development. We do not think that our goals can be easily achieved. We also do not think that they can be achieved by one employee alone. By establishing a network of employees with a variety of occupations and coming together as one, we are combining the individual strengths of our staff to display an infinite source of strength.

  • ASEAN Market Cultivation
  • The
  • Dynamism of the Global Market
  • Innovation arising from close relationships with clients
  • Unicharm's Unique Educational System