Global Workplace

Unicharm in Japan

Many employees of Unicharm play active roles in the Technical Center in Shikoku (development facility), factories in Fukushima, Shizuoka, Saitama, Itami, and Mie, and sales facilities throughout Japan. We inform you of the real Unicharm with photos and movies that were sent from various places.

Head Office, Tokyo Technical Center, Kagawa Chūbu Branch Kinki Branch Kyushu Branch Morioka Sales Office Niigata Sales Office

Head Office, Tokyo

  • TV conference connecting overseas facilities. Every day is a serious battle toward No.1 in the world.

  • Young staff gathers and heated discussion is exchanged.

  • Unicharm adopts non-territorial office system. Employees can work at a meeting area.

  • Regular workshop with employees of overseas local subsidiaries.

  • Reception desk at the Head Office. Reception staff always waits for visitors.

  • Night view from the 28th floor of the Head Office. This is a good spot to command a night view of Tokyo.

  • President Award Conference is held every July. Members who won the preliminary round in each country gather in Tokyo.

  • Members of Head Office in Tokyo and their family get together and enjoy futsal.

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  • [Movie] Our staff shows you around the Head Office

Technical Center, Kagawa

  • The Technical Center is the base of product development and technology development

  • Employees in product development work at a cheerful office.

  • Staff member goes to the site of use and checks the user experience using products and finds points to be improved. This is an important task.

  • In the job of production technology, inspection of one's line is a daily task for quality improvement.

  • Cafeteria of Technical Center, Shikoku. Many employees gather at lunchtime and the cafeteria becomes a lively place.

  • Letters of thanks from customers spur the next development.

  • Technical Center implements solar power.

  • Products in overseas markets were born in the Technical Center.

  • Soccer club in Shikoku is very active. (The Technical Center also has a softball club and baseball club)

  • Women in development staff are also active!

  • Employees, alumni, and families get together and enjoy field day every November.

  • Employees participate in a local festival.

  • Overseas members visit "Kyo-shin-kan" (Resonance Hall) located in the foundation area.

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  • [Movie] Third year in product development job

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  • [Movie] Second year in facility development job

  • [Movie] Fourth year in facility development job

  • [Movie] Fifth year in facility development job

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Chūbu Branch

  • New employees are at training meeting.

  • [Movie] Third year in sales job

  • [Movie] Fifth year in sales job

  • [Movie] Message from new employees

Kinki Branch

  • Dogs and cats living in pet food development facility in Itami

  • [Movie] Second year in sales job

Kyushu Branch

  • Always smiling, cheerful branch.

  • Female sales members also play active roles.

  • [Movie] We convey the attractiveness of Unicharm

  • [Movie] Message from Kyushu Branch

Morioka Sales Office

  • Employees in the Tohoku area, even young ones and veterans, gather for the company trip!

  • Members of the Sales Office participated in “Nebuta Festival” of Aomori.

  • [Movie] Message from members of Morioka Sales Office

Niigata Sales Office

  • The sun sinking in the Sea of Japan is indescribably beautiful.

  • Golf match is a regular event of Koushinetsu area. It is the “fight we cannot never lose.”

  • [Movie] Message from members of Niigata Sales Office