About the Company and Corporate Culture in General

Do I have the chance to work overseas? Is English proficiency necessary?

Some people who have a certain career have the chance of overseas assignment.
English proficiency is a sufficient condition, not absolute condition.
English is just one tool in doing business. What you can do using English (business skills) is more important.

Do male employees have the chance to play active roles in Unicharm?

In Unicharm, many male employees play active roles in in many departments, such as product development, production technology, sales, marketing, and personnel. Right after joining Unicharm, merchandise knowledge is not necessary. But we believe that making efforts is important. For example, you can create and produce valuable products that capture the needs of consumers based on statistical data. Furthermore, you can propose an idea to have customers know the product and devise easy-to-purchase spaces and methods. In a way, many men are not familiar with our products, but the company provides sufficient training, etc. after joining the company.

Do male employees find worthwhileness in Unicharm?

Corporate culture of Unicharm supports the growth of employees. Unicharm was a small company but it challenged giants and gained the No.1 position, so “challenging” has been deeply rooted in the corporate culture and employees. If you can make good use of the culture and unify your growth and contribution to the company, you will find worthwhileness, regardless of gender.

How about the approach to CSR?

Our CSR is to realize our corporate philosophy “NOLA&DOLA”.
For details, visit "CSR/Environment" page of our website.

Is work area different depending on gender?

There is no difference in work scope, the magnitude of responsibility, and evaluation between men and women. Both men and women play active roles in various departments. If you are motivated and interested in increasing your market value and you are willing to be the stake that is sticking out, we will pull up the stake, regardless of gender.

About Employment Screening in General

What to do to apply for a job?

Visit the website of Unicharm, Mynavi, or Rikunabi to apply for. (Mynavi and Rikunabi are major job websites for new graduates in Japan)
After that, we send you "My Page" instructions.

Do you introduce alumni?

We do not introduce alumni.
Many senior employees are presented on the recruitment page of our website. Please visit the page.

Are applications different by job category?

Selection is conducted by separating the following four categories.
Sales / Product Development / Facility Development / Manufacturing Technology
See the Application Guidelines page for details.

Where do you hold job fairs?

We plan to hold job fairs in Tokyo and Osaka.
In addition, we visit some schools for informational meetings.

To what extent do you value specialty? Are there any differences in employment standards by bachelor, master and doctor?

Unicharm requires basic knowledge of science in jobs of Product Development, Facility Development, and Manufacturing Technology but special fields are not particularly required. In addition, there is no difference in employment standards by bachelor, master, and doctor. We value your enthusiasm most.

I have a disability certificate. Does Unicharm have a special quota for disability hiring?

No, we do not have special quota for disability hiring. All students participate in the selection process under the same conditions and we comprehensively and fairly judge each person’s ability and ambition. If you need some help during the screening, please do not hesitate to tell us.

About Matters after Joining the Company and Assignment

I want to know about training after joining the company.

Right after joining Unicharm, new employees get training regarding manners, development / production, and nursing for about one month, regardless of job category.
After that, they receive sales training to understand consumers and the site of purchase.
Details about the training 2017 is currently under consideration.