Application Guidelines

Position Type

Sales job(Degrees in humanities and sciences accepted) As a member of the No.1 manufacturer in its category, find solutions for specific issues held by retailers, hospitals, and care facilities with a strategic approach, and produce sales for the company. Make use of extensive market and consumer data and improve strategic thinking abilities.
After being hired for a sales position, you will be assigned to one of the following three categories.

■Personal Care/Retail Sales
Analyze sales data for retailers and distributors who make up our client base, present strategy proposals for product lineups and sales promotion methods in accordance with the shop's location and structure of the local population, and become involved as far as sales area promotion for the shop. In other words, a sales consultant. As a member of a top manufacturer, possess complete proposal ability that includes not just our company's products but also competitors' products, and enhance both customer satisfaction and store loyalty.
The category assigned is general Personal Care products.

■Pro Care/Hospitals, Nursing Homes
Visit hospitals and nursing homes nationwide and create proposals for excretion care using nursing care products such as disposable diapers. Work as a professional that stays in close contact with nursing homes and achieves happiness for both the nursing care receivers and givers.

■Pet Care/Retail Sales
Sales channels and sales methods are similar to those for the retail sales position for Personal Care but the assigned category differs. The category assigned will be general Pet Care products. Contribute to a comfortable lifestyle for pet owners through daily sales work.

Product Development job・Personal Care
・Pet Food
・Pet Toiletries
(All for degrees in sciences)
Jobs in product development at Unicharm do not end with just submitting ideas. The job requires becoming deeply involved in all processes as the supervisor of development until the product is released to the public. Go where the product is being used by consumers and find new needs, conduct multiple user tests, and keep composure when analyzing problems and solutions. Carry out verification tests for specifications while constructing logical hypotheses. Guide the product toward mass production, involving the departments in charge of production facilities and material procurement as well as factory supervisors.
Hiring is being conducted this fiscal year for the following three courses. We will ask you to select your preferred course.

■Personal Care
Make use of fabrication technology and develop products for nonwoven fabrics and high-polymer absorbents, core technologies of Unicharm.
The fields of development include the four business categories of disposable baby diapers, feminine care products, adult diapers, and cleaning products. Assigned categories are determined after beginning employment at the company.

■Pet Food
Dog food and cat food product development position. Cater to palatability for pets, develop the best mix of essential nutrients and conduct multiple verification tests. In order to support healthy pets at Unicharm, we develop fine-tuned products for pets of specific breeds/ages.

■Pet Toiletries
Make use of technology developed in Personal Care, and develop toiletry products such as disposable pet diapers and cat litter in order to provide a clean living environment for pets. In order to analyze the needs of pets, who cannot speak, from multiple perspectives, continue close contact with both pets and owners, and make the connection to product development.

Facility Development job(Science degrees) Facility development engineers are a specialized group who are in charge of a wide range of duties, from design to the manufacturing and implementation of machinery/electronics on the production line, both in Japan and overseas. Engineers work in a global field. Unicharm endeavors to design and develop production facilities that will produce unique products.  Figure out how to completely automate and mass-produce products with unprecedented designs. Even breakthrough ideas are first given life thanks to the skills of facility development engineers.
Manufacturing Technology job(Science degrees) Those in manufacturing technology positions will supervise the safe and stable operation of production facilities, mainly in factories in Japan. Discover how to produce Unicharm products, which demand advanced manufacturing technology and know-how, with high quality and without loss. Manufacturing engineers earn trust for Unicharm as a manufacturer and provide daily straightforward progress by creating products with the goal of improving profit. Engineers will eventually acquire technical skills, possess the human skills to manage manufacturing staff in Japan and abroad, and build a more advanced production system.

Employment Data

Salary Master's degree / Monthly Salary: 224,000 JPY (Actual figures for April 2015)
Undergraduate degree / Monthly Salary: 205,100 JPY (Actual figures for April 2015)
Allowances, etc. Overtime allowance, regional allowance,  family allowance, transportation allowance, housing allowance
Promotions Yearly
Bonuses Twice yearly
Location Sales job/Nationwide branches, overseas assignment

Product Development job/Kagawa (Personal Care, Pet Toiletries), Itami (Pet Food), overseas assignment

Facility Development job/Kagawa, overseas assignment

Manufacturing Technology job/Kagawa, Shizuoka, Fukushima, Itami, Mie, Saitama, overseas offices

Work hours Flex time system in effect (with exceptions)
Standard work hours: 8:00-16:50
Standard work day: 7 hours and 50 minutes
*3-shift system for jobs in Manufacturing Technology (6:15-14:30 / 14:15-22:30 / 22:15-6:30)
Holidays and leave Two full days off/week (Saturday, Sunday), national holidays, flex holidays, year-end holidays, childcare/nursing care leave system, paid holidays (first fiscal year, 10 days), congratulation or condolence leave, fresh-up holidays, etc.
*For jobs in manufacturing technology, summer leave, year-end leave, etc. based on "Company Operations Calendar"
Insurance Employment insurance, disaster insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance
Benefits Single-resident company housing system, company housing system, property accumulation savings system, group life insurance, etc.
Educational program New employee training, stratified group training, elective training, instructor system, external trainee system, etc.
Employment figures April 2016: 48 people (est.)
Previous graduates (less than three years since graduation), international students, persons with disabilities, and those eligible for Fresh-Mom Recruitment
Documents to submit Curriculum Vitae, certificate of expected graduation, health examination certificate, academic transcript
Selection method Entry sheet, aptitude test, group discussion, interview