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News Release

June 24, 2020

About the Fire at Ahmedabad Factory in India.

For Unicharm Corporation’s (Headquarters: Mita, Tokyo, President & CEO: Takahisa Takahara) subsidiary Unicharm India Private Ltd.’s Ahmedabad Factory (Gujrat State which is in the western part of India), on June 24, 2020, at 8:45 am (Local time), a fire broke out. During the time of the fire, about 300 employees were at the site, however, no injuries have occurred.

We deeply apologize for the tremendous trouble and inconvenience we have caused to people in the area, customers, clients, and partners. For the reason and the damage of situation for the fire, it is currently under investigation.

We have taken this factory fire very seriously and will determine the cause of it and strive to prevent recurrence.

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