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Unicharm Group’s Sustainability


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Unicharm Group’s Sustainability

Our basic approach and strategy

Unicharm's corporate philosophy is “NOLA & DOLA” (Necessity of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities). Our concept of NOLA & DOLA: Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities, contains our hope that “from newborn infants to the elderly, Unicharm aims to provide people with products that provide physical and psychological support through gentle care so that they may be free of their burdens to fulfill their dreams.” Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is embodied by our commitment to achieve this aspiration through our business activities and to help resolve social issues in the process. In order to make this aspiration even more effective, Unicharm has established CSR Key Topics and Key Performance Index (KPI).

Unicharm Group's Value Creation


The Unicharm Ideals aim to realize our corporate philosophy and we have established the Beliefs and Pledges and Corporate Principles of Action along with the Five Great Pillars and Associate Principles of Action in order to implement the Unicharm Ideals.



Unicharm Group’s ESG

Unicharm Group’s ESG Important Issues and Activities

Important Issues Activities Policy Management
Practice and Implementation
Reduce environmental
Cut waste in
Climate Change
Pollution Prevention
and Resource Utilization
Supply Chain (Environment)
Water Resources
Exist in harmony
with local
Supply chain management
Labor Standards
Health and Safety
Local Community
Responsibility to Customers
Supply Chain (Society)
Human Rights
OODA loop
approach /
Management with
resonance /
Compliance /
Quality management
Corporate Governance Our Basic Approach
Management Structure
Implementation Status
of the Board of
Policy on
Determining the
Remuneration of
Directors and
Other Officers
Compliance Our Basic Approach
Management Structure
Compliance Helpline
Action Guideline
Risk Management Our Basic Approach
Management Structure
Information Security
Implementation of Risk Assessments
Tax Compliance Our Basic Approach

Management structure

ESG promotional structure

Unicharm has established a structure to implement and promote smooth ESG activities in order to meet our stakeholders' expectations. Our “ESG Committee” is a cross-organizational structure for the support of ESG, chaired by the Representative Director. The committee meets four times a year to discuss and share information about ESG-related activities, which in turn is utilized in management.


The world Unicharm aims to reach and Important CSR Themes

At Unicharm, we operate our global business activities in awareness of the voices of our stakeholders and by referring to various international guidelines. We support the ten principles of the “UN Global Compact”, and have participated in the compact since May 2006.


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