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Integrated Report 2019

  • Message from the President
  • About Unicharm
  • A Discussion about Product Development
  • Unicharm: A Story of Sustained Growth
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  • Change in Business Environment and Unicharm’s Approach
  • Review of Operations
  • Unicharm’s Value Creation Process and Key Challenges

Unicharm’s Growth Story

Since becoming a manufacturer of feminine care products in 1963 with the start of sanitary napkin production and sales, Unicharm has led the industry as a pioneer, developing numerous innovative technologies and products. In addition to Unicharm’s original business of building materials, we moved into a range of other business fields, including early childhood education, wedding services and holiday resorts. In the 2000s we started overhauling that diverse business portfolio, focusing on areas where we could harness our nonwoven fabric and absorbent material processing and molding technologies developed for feminine care products. Unicharm has also moved into baby care products, health care products and household products, extending its reach into a wider range of everyday areas to support people involved in childcare, nursing care and housework. Anticipating Japan’s maturing market, Unicharm also actively started developing its overseas operations in the 1980s. Unicharm now has a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide.


Unicharm’s Business Expansion

Unicharm operates businesses in roughly 80 countries and regions around the world. The types of products we sell are indispensable for hygienic and healthy lives, and demand for them is expanding in many regions worldwide. Thanks to our position as a specialist manufacturer, we can supply high value-added products that are popular with consumers in Japan and overseas.


Unicharm’s Business Model

Unicharm makes maximum use of its own business resources, combining them in organic ways. We channel business resources into nonwoven fabric and absorbent material businesses, while our high-achieving personnel develop highly competitive products tailored to the needs of each market and region worldwide. Cash flow generated by those products is reinvested in growth businesses, creating a positive cycle.


A Discussion about Product Development


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