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From Feminine Care Products Manufacturer to Life Supportive Enterprise

"Aiming to ease women's daily concerns and inconvenience."
This thought marked the fist step for Unicharm.

Starting with the manufacture and sale of feminine napkins, our company commenced business as a manufacturer of feminine care products.
Since then, we have been industry leaders and pioneers, developing numerous unique technologies and products.

Relying on the processing and forming technologies for non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials developed in our feminine care products, we have expanded our businesses to encompass baby and child care, health care, household and other products. Our scope continues to broaden as a company supporting the lives of people engaged in child rearing, nursing care and housework.

There are "Three DNAs" representing the values common across the entire company, which have been developed and passed down since its inception.
With a future-oriented perspective, we at Unicharm will continue to take on new challenges.

History from Feminine Care Products Manufacturer to Life Supportive Enterprise

Company Events

  • Domestic activities
  • Overseas activities

4 Product launch

  • Baby and Child care
  • Feminine care
  • Health care
  • Clean&fresh
  • Pet care

1960s to 1970s

1960s to 1970s


Keiichiro Takahara founded Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.

Commenced the manufacture and sale of building materials


Commenced manufacture and sale of feminine napkins


Launched "Charm Nap Sawayaka"


Founded Unicharm Corporation

Commenced manufacture and sale of tampons

Commenced sales of cosmetic cotton puffs


Listed stocks on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Launched "Charm Nap Mini", slim napkins


Launched "Silcot", high-quality makeup cotton puffs

1980s to 1990s

1980s to 1990s


Launched "Charm Soft Tampon"


Announced corporate philosophy - Nola & Dola

Launched "Moony", disposable diapers


Launched "Sofy", shaped feminine napkins


Transferred the building materials divisions to Uni Taisei Corporation

Launched "MamyPoko", disposable diapers


Established a joint venture in Taiwan-Greater China


Company stock designated to be listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Commenced education business

Established Donchaka Saino Kyoshitu

Commenced pet care business

Launched "Freshy Aiken Genki"-dog food for small dog and all stage dog.


Established a joint venture in Thailand

Launched "Lifree", disposable diapers for adults

Launched "Freshy Neko Genki"-dry food for cats

Launched "Deodrant Sheet"-pet sheet for dogs


Established "Gold Tower Co."

Launched "Sofy Sara", interwoven feminine napkins

Launched "Lifree Nyotori Pad", incontinence pads


Launched "Refrain", sheets for vaginal discharge

Launched "Pipe Unish", liquid pipe cleaners


Launched "Trepanman", training pants


Launched "Oyasumi Man", pants for bed-wetting children


Launched "Moony Man" pants-type diapers


Established "Unicharm East Japan Corp. "

Formed technology alliance for pants-type diapers in Saudi Arabia

Established a joint venture in the Netherlands

Launched "Mamy Poko", diapers designed with Disney characters

Launched "Moony-chan Raku-Raku Oshiri-fuki", wet wipes that can be removed from the pack with one hand

Launched "Sofy Sara Side Gathered", feminine napkins with three-dimensional gathers at the sides


Technical Center completed - base for research and development

Established a joint venture in South Korea

Launched "Moony Power Slim" ultra-thin tape-type diapers


Established a joint venture in Shanghai

Launched "Moony Man Power Slim", ultra-thin pants-type diapers

Launched "Mamy Poko Pants", pants-type diapers designed with Disney characters

Launched "Charm Bodyfit", feminine napkins with three-dimensional cushion structure

Launched "Lifree Rehabili-Pants", pants-type diapers for adults


Merged with Unitech Corp.

Established the company website

Obtained ISO09002 certification for the factory in Taiwan-Greater China

Launched "Lifree Tape-Hold Type" diapers


Established Unicharm Molnlycke K.K. in Japan, a joint venture for adults' incontinence products

Commenced procedures for acquiring ISO14001 certification

Established "Lifree Iki-Iki Dial", a hotline service for nursing care

Established a joint venture in Indonesia

Established a 100% subsidiary in Malaysia

Launched "Charm Nap Sawayaka Liners", special incontinence panty liners


Transferred the pet businesses to Uni-Taisei Corp.

Transferred the pet food businesses from Ajinomoto General Foods, Inc. to Uni-Taisei Corp.

Launched "Silcot Wet Tissues"


Uni-Taisei Corp. changed its company name to Uni Heartous Corporation

Established Unicharm Central Japan Corporation

Established Unicharm Material Co., Ltd.

Established UBS Corporation

Established Code of Corporate Conduct and Employee Guidelines

Introduced the operating officers system

Launched "Lifree Sawayaka Pads" for light incontinence

Launched "Neko Genki Deosand"-paper cat litters

2000s to now

2000s to now


Established research institute for toileting care

Established the post of Chief Quality Officer (CQO)

Launched "Cook-Up Kitchen Sheet", a paper sheet product for use in the kitchen


Keiichiro Takahara assumed the office of Chairman and Representative Director
Takahisa Takahara assumed the office of President and Representative Director

Introduced the new corporate mark - Charm Ring

Established the new corporate philosophy - Nola & Dola

Issued an environmental report

Established the Baby Town website to support child rearing

Launched "Wave Handy Wiper", a sheet-type cleaner

Launched "Moony Man Hai-Hai-yo", pants-type diapers for crawling babies

Launched "Pet Diapers"


Integrated Unicharm East Japan and Unicharm Central Japan to form Unicharm Product Co., Ltd.

Received the 7th Disclosure Award for Companies with Stocks Listed on the TSE

Transferred "Pipe Unish" liquid pipe cleaner product to Johnson Co., Ltd.

Took over "Eldy" tampon products from Lion Corporation

Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification

Engineering Center completed - base for technological development

Uni Heartous Corporation changed its corporate name to Unicharm PetCare Corporation

Established a joint venture in the Philippines

Established exclusive Nyomore Care Navi website for light incontinence care

Launched "Neko Genki Hairball Care"-dry food for cats


Established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Division

Commenced procedures for acquiring ISO14001 certification for overseas local corporations

Established Unicharm Eduo Corporation, a joint venture company for the early childhood education business

Launched "Cham Nap Sawayaka Cho-Kyushu", exclusive incontinence care pads

Launched "Unicharm Chorittai Mask", three-dimensional masks made of non-woven fabric for protecting against pollen

Launched "Unicharm Chorittai Mask Kaze-yo", three-dimensional masks made of non-woven fabric for people with colds

Launched "One week deodorant・ antibacteria Deotoilet"-system toilet for cats


Established Toileting Care Navi website for nursing care at home

Established the Corporate Ethics Department in the CSR Division

Established exclusive website "Hajimete Karada Navi for Girls" about first menstruation

Issued CSR Report 2004

Unicharm PetCare Corporation stock listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Launched "Moony Man Mizu-Asobi Pants", pants-type diapers for children to use when playing with water

Launched "Aler-Care Wave", a sheet cleaner product that captures allergens

Launched "Neko Genki Gin no Spoon" dry food for cats


Unicharm PetCare Corporation stock designated to be listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

Gulf Hygienic Industries of Saudi Arabia was made a subsidiary

Launched "Sofy Body Peace Set", a next-generation feminine care product

Launched "Charm Nap Kyusui Sarafi", a panty liner that absorbs vaginal discharge and urine

Launched "Aiken Genki Gin no Sara" dry food for dogs


Established a joint venture company, LG Unicharm Corporation, in South Korea

Commended by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as an "excellent consumer-oriented corporation" in 2005

Granted a Distinguished Service in Intellectual Properties Award by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2006

Announced participation in the United Nations Global Compact

Took over the Center-In feminine napkin products from the Shiseido Group

Established CSR Office at local corporation in China

Relocated head office to Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Established a 100% subsidiary in Vietnam

Launched "Sofy Fuwagokochi", a panty liner product with a new feel

Launched "Lifree Sono Shunkan mo Anshin", an impending continence care pad product

Launched "Lifree Oshiri Fuki", a wet toilet tissue product for adults

Launched "Moony Man Ase Sukkiri", pants-type diapers for summer

Launched "Unicharm Chorittai Mask Virus Guard", three-dimensional masks of non-woven fabric that prevent viral intrusion

Launched "Neko Genki Silver Spoon Can" - canned wet food for cats


Certified as a company that supports child-rearing

Renewed Pre-Mama Town, a community website for providing pregnancy support

Completely renewed the "Center-In" feminine care product lineup

Launched "Lifree Kyusui Shitagi Slim Wear"™, an exclusive pants-type incontinence care product for active seniors

Launched "Sofy Hadaomoi", feminine napkins for sensitive skin prone to irritation

Launched "Zero-one" pet sheet for dogs


Issued CSR Report 2008

Establishes a wholly owned subsidiary in India

Acquired Australian Pacific Paper Products and made it a wholly owned subsidiary

Unicharm Molnlycke B.V., a joint corporation, establishes a wholly owned subsidiary in Russia

Launched "Unicharm Chorittai Mask for Kids", three-dimensional masks of non-woven fabric for children

Launched "Sofy Kiyora" panty liners

Releases" Unicharm Chorittai Masks for Women",three-dimensional masks made of non-woven fabric for women


Established Unicharm Humancare Corporation

Unicharm Molnlycke B.V., a joint corporation, establishes a wholly owned subsidiary in USA

Releases Unicharm Funwari Breast-Feed Pads

Unicharm Humancare Corporation releases Humany, a urine aspirator.


Received “Excellent Prize in Television Environmental Commercial Film Category - Environmental Communication Grand Award” with commercial film for Moonyman Slim Pant

First exhibition at “ECO Products International EXPO” in Jakarta

Participated in Japan Industrial Pavilion at “Shanghai World’s Fair”

Merged Unicharm Petcare Corporation

Exercised 1-to-3 share split

Established a consolidated subsidiary in Egypt

Received “Environment Efficiency Award 2010 – Chief of Industrial Technology & Environment Bureau(METI) Prize”

Launched a jointly-developed product with Yonex, Preventive Safety Girdle

Launched a new pet food for dog, Pet Dog Genki Best Life

Launched “Moony Pants Shitagijitate”,pants-type disposable for babies

Launched a new disposable diaper for adult, Lifree Ultra-Thin Underwear-like Pant-Diaper

Launched a new cosmetic puff, Silcot Uru-Uru Sponge-like


50th anniversary of company foundation

Started “summer time” system

Acquired 51% of outstanding shares in “The Hartz Mountain Corporation”, a major pet-care products supplier in USA, from Sumitomo Corporation

Acquired Diana Joint Stock Company, a hygiene products supplier in Vietnam

Established a holding company in China

Launched a new feminine napkin, Sofy Hada-Omoi Ultra-Thin-Slim

Launched a new house cleaning sheet, Wave Floor Wet-Sheet

Launched a new panty-liner, Sofy Kiyora Fragrance

Launched a new pleat-type facial mask, Ultra-Comfort Mask Pleat-type

Launched a new incontinent-care product for dog, disposable diaper for male dog


Acquired outstanding shares in “Peparlet Company Limited”, supplier of excretion disposal material for pet

Launched a new disposable baby diaper, MamyPoko Pant-Diaper Crawler-type

Opened an official page for Moony in Facebook, a child-rearing support site

UGHI in Saudi Arabia received “4th Mono-dukuri Japan Grand Award – Minister of METI Prize”

Approved as a member of “Business Call to Action(BCtA)” led by United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)


Received “Minister of METI Award – 2nd Carbon Offset Grand Prize” for engagement in environmental improvement activities

Installed solar power system at 3 major plants in Japan

Acquired Myanmar Care Products Limited, a leading supplier of hygiene products in Myanmar

Launched Moony AirFit, the world-first disposable baby diaper that smoothly fits to round-shaped skeletal structure of infant

Received “2nd Japan HR Challenge Grand Award – HR Development Category Excellent Prize” for engagement in HR development

Launched Moonyman AirFit, a disposable baby diaper with light & fluffy gather around legs

Received “Good Design Award - Best 100 Prize 2013” with Moony & Moonyman

United Charm in Taiwan-Greater China made a declaration of self-conformity to “ISO10002 Complaint Correspondence Management System”, first Japanese local subsidiary outside the country

Launched a new night-use feminine napkin, Sofy Super Sound-Sleep Best-Fit


Received “2nd Nikkei Social Initiative Grand Award – Corporate Category Prize” in appreciation for initiatives to support social advancement of women in Saudi Arabia

Declaration of “Non-smoking during working hours” as a part of employees’ health care & enhancement campaign

Launched a new incontinence-care product for men, Lifree Sawayaka Pad for Men

Launched a new disposable baby diaper, Moonyman AirFit S-size

Launched a new feminine napkin, Center-In Compact Fragrance

Launched a new incontinence-care product for dog, Manner Wear

Exercised 1-to-3 share split

Launched Moony AirFit 3S, 4S & 5S, a new disposable baby diaper for light-weight new born infant to be used at general hospital and maternity hospital


Launched “Manner Wear for Girls”, excretion-care product for dog

Launched “Happy Step”, dog snack

Launched “Charm Nap Fluffy Skin”, urine absorption pad for women

Launched “Hot Meal Kitchen”, dog food

Received “9th Kids Design Award” with “Moony AirFit” Series

Launched “Lifree Dry Pad Premium for Long Hours”, incontinence diaper for hospital

Launched “Grand Deli Pouch”, dog food

Received “Good Design Award 2015” with “Moony AirFit”

Received “7th Mothers’ Selection Grand Prize” with “Moony AirFit” and “MoonyMan AirFit”

Launched “Lifree Nobiru(Stretch) & Fit Tape-type”, incontinence diaper for hospital


Launched “Silver Spoon Luxurious Sea Food Double Assortment”, cat food

Launched “Silcot Silky-touch” Wiping Cotton, cosmetic cotton

Launched “Moony Birth-Care Pad”, birth-care goods

Introduced “In-House Draft System”, new HR development system

Received “DEALWATCHAWARDS2015” and “Capital Eye Awards BEST DEALS OF 2015” with convertible bond issued in September 2015

Ranked #1 in “@cosme Best Cosme Award 2016 H1 New Best Cosme” with “Silcot Wipe Cotton”

Launched “Best Balance Plumpy-touch”, dog food

Launched “Silver Spoon Digestible Food”, cat food

Launched “DeoClean” Mori-no-Megumi(Blessings of the Forests) series, clean-care goods for pet

Launched “Natural Moony” series, disposable baby diaper

Started collaboration with Shiseido and Lion in aiming at strengthening the storefront maintenance capability

Launched “Unicharm Pet Pro” series, nursing-care system for pet

Received “8th Mothers’ Selection Grand Prize” with “Moony AirFit” and “MoonyMan AirFit”

Ranked #1 in “@cosme Best Cosme Award 2016 Best Cosmetic Goods” with “Silcot Sponge-touch Moisturizing Cotton Uru-Uru”


Received “Nikkei Best Products & Services Award 2016 - Excellent Award & Nikkei MJ Award” with “Lifree Sawayaka Fresh Pad for Men – Light Incontinence”

Launched “Silver Spoon Three-Star Gourmet 4-Tastes Assortment”, cat food

Launched “MoonyMan AirFit M-size Turn-Over ~ Crawl” featuring world-first 3D design pocket for liquid & loose feces

Acquired a patent covering the basic technology for extracting safe and sanitary high-grade pulp from the used disposable diaper

Launched “Grand Deli Ottoto for Doggy”, dog snack

Launched “Lifree Slim & Fit Style Underwear”, incontinence disposable diaper pant-type

Completed #3 plant in Saudi Arabia

Developed “Toilet Training with Moony-chan” app jointly with Kyoto University Graduate School

Launched “Lifree Sawayaka Fresh Pad for Slight Leaks”, incontinence pad

Received “11th Kids Design Award” with “Natural Moony” and “Toilet Training with Moony-chan”

Launched “Natural MoonyMan”, disposable baby diaper

Started child-care animation media “Babily”, joint contribution with BCG Digital Ventures

Ranked #1 in “@cosme Best Cosme Award 2017 Best Cosmetic Goods” with “Silcot Sponge-touch Moisturizing Cotton Uru-Uru”


Launched “Grand Deli Plumpy-touch Easy-to-Eat Ultra-Fine Grain”, dog food

Started “Incontinence Diaper NAVI”, chat-bot using AI

Launched “Lifree Buttom Clean Shower”, incontinence excretion-care goods

Developed “Sofy” menstrual-period monitoring app

Launched “Sofy Center-In Happy Catch”, sanitary feminine napkin

Launched “Deo-Toilet Wide & Comfort”, cat toilet

Launched “Cho-kaiteki (Ultra Comfort) Mask for Kindergarteners” and “Cho-kaiteki (Ultra Comfort) Mask for Low Graders”, kids mask

Launched “Grand Deli Japan-made White Meat Chicken Pouch with Broccoli & Pumpkin”, dog food

Completed #3 plant in India

Launched “Manner Wear Camouflage Design for Boys & Checked Design for Girls”, excretion-care goods for dog

Launched “Charm Nap Active Pant”, urine-absorption care pant

Launched “Silver Spoon Three-Star Gourmet Creamy Tuna Fish & Bonito Flavor”, cat food


Started sales collaboration with Lion on daily necessities for nursing homes

Entered “@cosme Best Cosme Award - Hall of Fame” with “Silcot Sponge-touch Moisturizing Cotton Uru-Uru”

Started shared delivery of storefront sales promotional goods with Shiseido and Lion

Received Excellent Prize in 7th “Corporate Value Improvement Award” hosted by Tokyo Stock Exchange

Launched “Sofy Kiyora Luxury Absorption”, panty liner

Launched “Grand Deli Additive-Free Japan-made Pouch”, dog food

Launched “Grand Deli Luxury Food”, dog snack

Launched “Charm Nap Organic Cotton 100%”, urine absorption goods for women

Launched “Sofy Organic Cotton” series, sanitary feminine napkin

Launched “Moony Flat Type”, disposable baby diaper for maternity hospital

Received “Competitive IT Strategy Company Stock Selection 2019” selected by Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange

Launched “Sofy Chojukusui(Ultra-Sound Sleep) Pant”, pant-type feminine napkin

Launched “Wave Floor Wiper”, sheet-type cleaner

Launched “Silcot Noro Clear® Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissue”, wet tissue

Received “Good Design Award 2019” with “Natural Moony” and “Moony AirFit”

Jointly received “Minister of Economy, Trade & Industry Award” at Green Logistics Partnership Round Table

Origin of Company Name

Uni Charm | Univeral Unique United

At the time of its founding, the Company name was Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.

The company originally manufactured and sold wood wool cement board. In 1963, the Company entered the feminine napkin market, and expanded into the tampon market in 1974.

The current name, Unicharm Corporation, was created to make the Company name more fitting for a feminine product manufacturer.

"Uni" of Unicharm signifies Universal, Unique and United, and represents our desire "to be an integrated company offering unique products and services worldwide."

"Charm" was incorporated into our name to represent our wish as a feminine product manufacturer that "women will always remain charming."

The company name Unicharm was conceived accordingly by combining Uni and Charm.


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